Bill O’Reilly’s Hot Chocolate Accuser on the View

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

I’ll just leave this here.

No I won’t just leave this here.

This is either made-up or Bill was doing it as a nice gesture to make a disgusting monkey woman feel good about herself.

Bill doesn’t seem like the altruistic type, so I’m gonna go with totally made-up.

We live in an absolutely sickening society.

I hate Bill O’Reilly as much as anyone, but whatever the case, he is a “great man” in the sense that he created a product that people wanted and marketed it successfully and made a whole bunch of money and gained a whole bunch of influence.

You can be all like “oh well yeah but the kikes promoted him – well, okay, fine – but the kikes promote everyone (sans the Tuck), and they don’t all become the most popular television news host in history.

And his entire life’s work destroyed by obvious lies from some fat stupid black whore. Lies that she was flirted with. And we are being told flirting is a crime.

This is all sick, sick, sick, sick.

Women should be kept in cages.

Notable Replies

  1. Wretched nigger beast!

  2. That thing isn't chocolate, and isn't hot. "Lukewarm shit" would be more appropriate.

  3. _DH_ says:

    Wonder if there exists a single negro on the planet that doesn't take pleasure in hurting other people? "I felt triumphant", the ape exclaimed. White people usually forgive and forget, but negroes hold on to their grudges.

  4. I wouldn't consider O'Reilly a great man because he made a popular product or helped build a lie factory called Fox News.
    Seth Rogan makes popular products, Lena Dunham does, so does Amy Schumer, Snoop Dawg, New Kids on the Block, and countless others creating low brow prolefeed to stimulate the Great American Saliva Gland like Pavlov's chow-bell, but the pomposity levels of the "journalism" with O'Reilly have never been more toxic. Something's very very popular - therefore it's got to be good somehow. WRONG

    If the main incentive is to make money, that is very bad. Since more people have bad taste than good, bad taste is where the money is. And the only
    things that stand in the way of the endless and profitable creation of artificial desires for the tasteless, tacky, and base are high ideals, upright morals, and
    good taste, i.e., convictions that there are certain acts and certain pleasures that are beneath us. Once these are destroyed, there is nothing beneath
    us, no bottom, no limit on how low we can go, no end to the empty, trivial, and degrading things we are willing to do and see and consume.

    Today the battlefield of culture is media, image and entertainment.
    Hollywood for instance depends on its oligopoly over popular culture to disseminate the endless stream of ugly crap they produce. Having made us the passive consumers of entertainment that we are, they can depend upon us buying their latest heavily advertised pieces of ugly crap in the hopes that it might be better than the ugly crap they gave us last week.

    Lastly, if it takes a fat ugly sheboon to topple a chickenhawk blowhard like O'Reilly, I call that poetic justice.

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