Bill O’Reilly’s Hot Chocolate Accuser on the View

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

I’ll just leave this here.

No I won’t just leave this here.

This is either made-up or Bill was doing it as a nice gesture to make a disgusting monkey woman feel good about herself.

Bill doesn’t seem like the altruistic type, so I’m gonna go with totally made-up.

We live in an absolutely sickening society.

I hate Bill O’Reilly as much as anyone, but whatever the case, he is a “great man” in the sense that he created a product that people wanted and marketed it successfully and made a whole bunch of money and gained a whole bunch of influence.

You can be all like “oh well yeah but the kikes promoted him – well, okay, fine – but the kikes promote everyone (sans the Tuck), and they don’t all become the most popular television news host in history.

And his entire life’s work destroyed by obvious lies from some fat stupid black whore. Lies that she was flirted with. And we are being told flirting is a crime.

This is all sick, sick, sick, sick.

Women should be kept in cages.

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