British Government Considers Life Sentences for Acid Attacks

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

Life sentences for acid attacks? This is a racist proposal by Amber Rudd that limits cultural enrichment.

The British government is considering life sentences for acid attacks.

They must be racist or something. Acid attacks are a unique and vibrant part of third world monkey culture.

London Evening Standard:

People who carry out horrific acid attacks could be jailed for life as part of plans for a massive Government crackdown.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced a review will be undertaken into punishments for the brutal attacks after six moped riders were doused with corrosive liquid on London’s streets in just 24 hours.

Ms Rudd said she wanted attackers who use noxious liquids as a weapon to “feel the full force of the law” in the proposed overhaul of current sentence guidelines.

“I am clear that life sentences must not be reserved for acid attack survivors,” she wrote in the Sunday Times.

Proposals to ensure acid and other corrosive substances can be classed as dangerous weapons are among the changes suggested.

How can the United Kingdom be a tolerant multicultural society if you are locking up third world monkeys for burning people’s faces off with acid?

This will discourage other third world monkeys from immigrating to the United Kingdom and limit the enriching racial diversity in the country.

Amber Rudd should resign her position for being a racist and promoting hate.

The police need to investigate her for hate crimes.

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