BTFO: Biden Attacks Clinton as a Bad Candidate

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2017

Joe Biden confirmed for standard white male and patriarchal sexist.

Fox News:

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday, saying upon further reflection she wasn’t a “great candidate” for president.

The former VP, who continued to leave the door open just a crack to a possible 2020 run, spoke at a hedge-fund manager conference in Las Vegas.

According to Fox Business Network, Biden addressed the Democratic presidential nominee’s surprise November defeat to President Trump in blunt terms.

“I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate,” he said, adding:  

“No man or woman should announce for the presidency unless they genuinely believe that for that moment in the nation’s history they are the most qualified person to deal with the issues facing the country.”

You couldn’t then and you could never be the Democratic nominee, Joe.

Because here’s the thing:

fucking white male

Hillary was the inevitable candidate. The stars aligned for her.

It was her time.

And she only lost because of sexism.

Biden also may have been publicly musing about his own plans. He reportedly said he’s focusing on his family right now, but if it looks like he’s the best person to run, “I may very well do it.”

“Could I? Yes. Would I? Probably no,” Biden said.

It’s not happening, Joe.


I’m right now getting ready to bet on that. But I don’t know which will be in which place. And I’m not sure if there’s a betting place that lets you bet on them being the two, without saying which will be in which place.

But if not, I’m putting big money on both.

By the by, it’s pretty obvious that he’s coming out with this now because Clinton is refusing to go away, and has instead just announced a new political organization, which she is basing on memes from the disappointing 2009 Christian Bale Terminator film (disappointing at the box office – I’ve said I thought it was bretty gud).

She officially announced “Onward Together” on Monday, and the underlying message seems to be “if I can’t be President, no one can.”

She knows everyone wants her to go away, but she won’t. It’s basically a way to try and sabotage the party that she feels didn’t do enough to get her into office.

She Joe is pissed.

I’ve openly volunteered to run Hillary’s 2020 campaign on an antifa platform, and make all her memes.

Our core slogan – if she chooses to hire me – is going to be “No Borders, No Government” backed up by the secondary slogan “Free Healthcare, Free College.” It will be about ending capitalism, and she will often appear at campaign rallies in a Guy Fawkes mask.

She will rebrand as “Hilldawg” an antifa who busts out windows and attacks the cops.

She can win – but only with me.

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