Buzzfeed’s Law: Maryland Governor Signs “No Proof Means No Problem” Rape Hoax Law

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

Maryland is going full-Sweden with a new “no means no” anti-rape law, which is actually a “no proof no problem” pro-hoax law.

Fake rape charges are one of the dirtiest tricks in the feminist bag. They have always been able to get away with insane levels of hoaxing, but this law in Maryland – if applied across America – will literally mean that any time you have sex with a girl, she can accuse you of rape, no matter what the circumstances.

Any situation.

This is the “all sex is rape” kook feminist ideology being applied to actual law.

And guess who’s behind this?


I’m serious. This is a real thing.

The “Buzzfeed Rape Law.”


Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R) signed several bills that intend to make it easier to prosecute rape cases and protect sexual crime victims.

On Tuesday, Hogan signed 211 bills into law during a ceremony at the state house, including SB 217, or “Criminal Law – Sexual Offenses – Physical Resistance,” which eliminates the requirement that victims of sexual crimes prove they physically resisted their assailants.

“Making Maryland safer begins with making sure that we have a criminal justice system that holds offenders accountable for their actions and the harm they cause, while also supporting victims and the community in the process of healing,” Hogan said in a press release.

Previously, victims of rape had to prove they did not consent and that their resistance was overcome by “force, or the threat of force,” according to Section 3-303 of Maryland Criminal Law.

A 2016 BuzzFeed investigation into the Baltimore County Police Department found that the language in the law often allowed police to dismiss rape charges as “unfounded” if they believed that there wasn’t enough evidence that the victim fought back.

The investigation states that even if a victim submitted to sexual acts out of fear for their life, the assailant was able to “walk away without so much as a police interrogation.” Out of the 42 “unfounded” cases Buzzfeed investigated, 15 were dismissed because the victim did not resist enough.

The bill, signed Tuesday, amends the law, specifically stating, “evidence of physical resistance by a victim is not required to prove that a sexual crime was committed.”

“Given that a victim increases their chances of being maimed or killed, if trying to physically resist the rape, this bill will clarify that a victim of rape does not have to fight the perpetrator or put up physical resistance in order for the court to hand down a guilty verdict,” State Senator Delores Kelley (D-District 10), who sponsored the bill, said on her website.

The bill was unanimously passed by both the State House and Senate before Hogan signed it into law Tuesday.

Basically, we are getting to the point where not only will long term relationships or marriage lead to the total destruction of men, but even a casual hook-up can completely ruin your life forever.

We are living under a system of brutal, sadistic abuse by women, and all the while, we are being told that we are the abusers.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Seriously, where has I heard this before?

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