CNN Exploits Elmo the Muppet to Push Pro-Rapefugee Propaganda

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2017

 Jews are collaborating with Elmo the Muppet to push their invasion propaganda. Talk about sick!

The Jews are desperate. They are losing the propaganda war on all fronts. So what does one do when faced with such a dire situation? Apparently you turn to muppets!

CNN streamed a short video on Facebook promoting “refugee” causes featuring the Jew David Miliband who heads the International Rescue Committee and Elmo the muppet from Sesame Street. It’s one of the most retarded pieces of Jewish propaganda yet!

Elmo tells us that we need to accept these “refugee children” because they are just like us. Elmo neglected to mention that many of these so-called “refugee children” are full grown military aged men who have been raping women and killing people throughout Europe.

Maybe Elmo should have asked CNN why they promoted all these Jew wars in the Middle East to benefit Israel. The only reason we have all these displaced people is because of the wars they’ve promoted!

I’m sure these were all innocent mistakes by Elmo though. It is unfathomable that he¬†would willfully collaborate with an evil Jewish run enterprise¬†like CNN to spread harmful propaganda.

The video has been massively disliked.

The only muppet who should be allowed to discuss politics is Bert. He was a high level SS officer for Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Shown below is real proof!

Bert’s ties to the SS are well documented and proven by many photos on the Interwebs!

Due to Bert’s political views on racial science, rumors have been spread about him being involved in a homosexual relationship with his roommate Ernie. These are total and complete fabrications. Bert¬†is a well-known hater of faggots and openly endorsed Hitler’s plan to put these degenerates in concentration camps. These rumors about him jerking off in Ernie’s asshole have been used to discredit his very valid political opinions.

Returning to the main point, we are reaching levels of insanity that should not be possible. Jews are using muppets to spread propaganda against our interests. Just think about that for a second! Muppets!

This madness is becoming seriously difficult to comprehend.

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