CNN’s New Day Show Spent 93 Percent of Their Time Covering Trump-Russia Kookspiracy

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

Chris Cuomo is not a fake news nigger. He’ll kick your ass if you call him that.

I don’t get why so many people keep calling CNN fake news. Every objective news organization spends 93 percent of their time covering a single issue of no practical significance.

That’s why CNN is the most trusted name in news!


As CNN continues their crusade to bring down the Trump presidency, New Day spent 93 percent of their three-hour program Wednesday covering Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign’s supposed collusion with Russia. The other seven percent was spent on baseball (~1.5%) and negative coverage of the GOP’s healthcare bill (~5.5%).

No one is arguing that this revelation should not be covered, but when you spend 93 percent of your time talking about it, it shows an obsession, not an objective news judgment.

Maybe CNN needs to bring back Charles Jaco.

Jaco’s reporting on the Persian Gulf War is the stuff of legend. You could never accuse him of producing fake news.

One thing is for certain, they’re going to have to do something. Nick-at-Nite cartoons are getting better ratings than their nightly broadcasts.

Maybe the reason for their poor ratings is because they haven’t gone far enough with their Trump-Russia coverage.

Instead of using only 93 percent of their broadcast time talking about how Donald Trump Jr. is a Russian intelligence asset for Vladimir Putin, they should increase that number to 100 percent.

I think that could help improve their ratings situation.

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