The Daily Stormer does the job other news websites won't do.
The Daily Stormer does the job other news websites won’t do.

The Daily Stormer is non-profit and 100% reader-supported. We do what we do because we are attempting to preserve Western Civilization. We do it out of love.

Because the site is not monetized, we require contributions from readers to pay the expenses involved.

PayPal (and everything else known to man) has banned this site and me as an individual person from using their services, so right now all we have is cash and bitcoin.



Cash or a check can go to this address:

Andrew Anglin
PO Box 208
Worthington, Ohio

Google Wallet




Thank you and I love you all.
Andrew Anglin

Notable Replies

  1. Get donating!!!!!

    We need the stormer because we need to red pill more people so we can overthrow the Juden and save our nations!

  2. I think he just forgot to write it. Or at least, I hope he did...

  3. ABN says:


    I was just checking the postal address to send another donation...
    Has that been taken away too?

    What happened there?

  4. @AquinasJohnPaul @BlackChop @AndrewAnglin

    if that's true, that coinbase blacklisted the address... (I doubt it they are pulling this already, but they certainly can) they can only do that if /because that address is in control of coinbase. not Andrew.

    I had warned Andrew consistently, and for 20 months that coinbase is the fucking devil. it's ZOG.

    do not keep your bitcoin there, but accept all donations on a proper bitcoin wallet, not some pseudo wallet a company gives you.

    bitcoin is made to eliminate the banking model. and coinbase tries to keep this banking model to make it harder for people to leave.

    read my thread:

    get mycelium for android
    or buy a hardware wallet if you deal with larger amounts over 100$ or want to have the highest security possible, and / or you want to use other crypto currencies in the future as well, like Monero which will soon be available on hardware wallets.

    as me in my threads if you got questions.

    you CAN NOT prevent anyone from spending or accepting donations on a PROPER bitcoin wallet.
    only crap like coinbase makes censorship possible.

    BUT: you can buy on coinbase, and you should, if you have no other company you can use. coinbase is not an issue if you immediately transfer bought bitcoin away to a wallet YOU control, aka, a proper bitcoin wallet.

    more in my threads

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