Crucifixion of Bill O’Reilly: Now Some Black Bitch Says He Called Her “Hot Chocolate” [UPDATE: GAME OVER]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017


It looks like the jig is up for Old Bill.

The Hill:

Fox News has decided to oust top-rated host Bill O’Reilly, New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported Wednesday.

Top network execs are in talks about how to end their relationship with O’Reilly “without causing collateral damage to the network,” the report said, adding that 21st Century Fox’s board is set to meet Thursday about it.

The Drudge Report is linking to the story, an apparent wink of confirmation given proprietor Matt Drudge’s connections to Fox News.

“Very few in the business get to decide when and how things end. Media is most brutal of all industries,” Drudge tweeted Tuesday in apparent reference to O’Reilly.

New York Magazine reported Tuesday that the sons of Fox News executive chairman Rupert Murdoch are considering pulling O’Reilly off the air in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Don’t celebrate it.

Yes, everyone hates Bill O’Reilly, but this is not about him. It is about the war on men.

And this is a major victory for the anti-male forces. This man – the most-watched television news anchor in the history of television – is having his entire career destroyed for flirting with women.

This is utterly insane.

Original story follows.

Put a fork in this potato – it’s baked.

Old Bill has now got the whole of international kike feminism lined up against him.

None of these accusations even involve any kind of assault. They are all just hoax “sexual harassment” charges.

As covered in F. Roger Devlin’s epic essay “Sexual Utopia in Power” (pdf link here, buy the book – which has a bunch more essays – here), “Sexual harassment” is just a way to frame normal male flirting behavior as deviant or oppressive.

Goofy as hell though this drunken gooftrooper was calling black bitches “hot chocolate.”

If that’s even true. Jews, women = liars.

Lisa Bloom is the same kike who tried to kike Trump with fake sexual harassment charges.

Hollywood Reporter:

Another woman is telling Fox News her story of harassment at the hands of O’Reilly, according to attorney Lisa Bloom.

Bill O’Reilly used to leer at an African-American Fox News clerical worker and called her “hot chocolate,” according to attorney Lisa Bloom, who helped the woman report the harassment to the network’s hotline.

The woman worked for a different broadcaster in 2008 while this was going on, but The O’Reilly Factor host’s office was near her desk, the attorney claims.

“He would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar,” Bloom tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around and she was scared.”

Bloom says she spoke with three witnesses who knew the woman at the time and confirmed she was upset and stressed at the end of each workday. “She’s not asking for any money,” says Bloom. “She just wants them to know her story.”

What story?

That she got an ego-boost from a powerful man approving of her appearance?

Where is the story?

At the time, Bloom says the woman valued her job too much to risk speaking up.

“She was afraid if she told him to knock it off she’d get fired,” Bloom says. “Now that’s she’s aware this is all in the news, she’s decided to phone in a complaint to the Fox News hotline.”

An attorney for Bill O’Reilly, Marc E. Kasowitz, responded with a statement to CNN that read: “It is outrageous that an allegation from an anonymous person about something that purportedly happened a decade ago is being treated as fact, especially when there is an obviously orchestrated campaign by activists and lawyers to destroy Mr. O’Reilly and enrich themselves through publicity driven donations.”


Kasowitz is the same Jew lawyer that Trump hired to defend against Bloom’s accusations against him.

Everything is Jews!

Bloom is also representing radio personality Wendy Walsh, who says she was forced out of the network after refusing O’Reilly’s advances. An April 1 New York Times story revealed explosive allegations against O’Reilly, including that during his tenure at the network at least five women have been paid off to keep silent about harassment. In the story, Fox said in a statement that “no current or former Fox News employee ever took advantage of the 21st Century Fox hotline to raise a concern about Bill O’Reilly.”

So far at least this woman and Walsh have taken advantage of the line — and, soon, another woman is also expected to call and report harassment by the anchor, according to Bloom.

If women don’t want men to flirt with them, they should stay home or wear burkas.

I hate Bill O’Reilly and I’m telling you right now he is in the right on this. There is absolutely nothing being said that he did that was wrong.

The idea you can have your career destroyed for flirting with co-workers is totally and completely insane.

I mean if he had been like “bitch you gotta give daddy some sugar or you’re getting fired” that would be one thing, but no one is even claiming that.

They’re claiming he flirted with them.

Walsh is claiming she was fired for not responding, which is something that is fundamentally unprovable, unless he actually said it, which she is not claiming he did.

Sluts are now literally protesting outside of Fox News – protesting flirting.

Anyway, whatever.

Bill O’Reilly sucks anyway.

And he is definitely fired. Flirting with a woman is, in our present climate of social justice, equivalent to calling for the extermination of Jews.

His slot should be given to Tucker Carlson, and Tucker Carlson’s slot should be given to Alex Jones.

Or David Icke.

In fact, Alex Jones and David Icke could do a collaborative show, like Hannity and Colmes.

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