Despite Jewish Media Predictions, North Korea Doesn’t Test a Nuke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2017

So, despite the massive hype, Kim Jong-Un didn’t even do anything.

Maybe it was in response to the provocation by the US, maybe it wasn’t.

I personally don’t think it matters, because I don’t think this is our problem.

Washington Post:

North Korea put on a huge military spectacle Saturday to celebrate its founder’s birthday, parading its series of new and technologically advanced missiles in front of Kim Jong Un, and in a defiant show of force in front of the world.

North Korea did not, however, carry out another nuclear test or ballistic missile launch, against widespread speculation that it would seek to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s 105th birthday with a bang.

April 15 is the most important day in the North Korean calendar, and Kim Jong Un has celebrated his grandfather’s birthday with great fanfare as a way to boost his own legitimacy as the successor to the communist dynasty.

North Korea presented two of its newest missiles at the parade in Kim Il Sung Square on Saturday, including the submarine-launched ballistic missile it successfully fired last year and the land-based version it launched last month.

“And there were a lot of them,” said Melissa Hanham, an expert at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California. “The signal that they’re trying to send is that they are moving ahead with solid-fuel missiles.”

North Korea has been working on solid fuel, which means missiles are ready to fire and don’t need loading with propellant like its previous liquid-fueled missiles, as a way to fire missiles quickly and without detection by satellites.

Analysts were working to identify all the missiles that were shown off on Saturday, many of which appeared to have new paint jobs or be variants on known missiles.

Pyongyang also said they were going to take revenge on the US for the attack in Syria.


Pyongyang has called the US cruise-missile strike against Syria a war crime, urging Washington to stop its “military hysteria” and come to its “senses” – or otherwise face a merciless response in case of any provocations against North Korea.

“The US should be punished according to international law as its military attack on Syria was an undisguised act of aggression and war crime,” a spokesman for the Korean Jurists Committee said in a statement cited by KCNA.

Simultaneously, on Friday, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) issued a statement claiming that following the unilateral strike against Syria, Donald Trump’s “serious military hysteria” has reached a dangerous phase where the DPRK will be forced to respond against the US and its allies in such a “merciless manner as not to allow the aggressors to survive.”

“The US used aggression and war as a lever for carrying out its policy in disregard of international law. It made missile attacks on the countries incurring its disfavor in wanton violation of their sovereignty,” the statement by North Korean lawyers added.

“The international community should never tolerate the US attack on Syria but mete out a due punishment to the harasser of peace,” it added.

Yeah, that’s definitely an open threat.

Though to be fair, Trump has moved an armada to surround NK, and is threatening them as well.

Trump’s defense of his aggression in the region is that as he is attempting to make America great again, the people require a steady flow of K-Pop to keep them from committing suicide on a massive scale.

“There will come a time when the American people will be able to live without K-Pop,” Trump said recently to the Jewish Times of Israeli Tel Aviv. “We are going to bring happy pop music and good dance choreography production back to the United States. American girl group pop music and dancing is going to be bigger, better and cuter than ever before, I can tell you that. Believe me when I tell you, I just signed an executive order to increase funding to A-Pop and the families of pop music veterans by ten-fold. We’re going to have beats and waifus and dancing like you’ve never seen before, I can tell you that. But it’s going to take time, and until then we can’t afford to have the K-Pop center of the globe get blown off the face of the globe. That’s why I have to bomb North Korea.”

This is seen by many as a fulfillment of Trump’s campaign promise. In August of last year, he said “The Guild and the entire universe depends on K-Pop. He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.”

In All Seriousness Though

K-Pop may-mays aside, I think it’s possible that Trump has already negotiated a North Korean surrender with China.

I imagine China must have the ability to cut off the bomb capacity of NK at any given time.

Basically, the only purpose of NK in the first place was to provide a buffer for China, a shield of protection from Japan and South Korea. It’s also obviously used to threaten the whole world. It is a puppet state of China.

I don’t really think that at this point in history, the Chinese necessarily feel they need that buffer anymore. They’re increasingly coming to the table in a normal way. In fact, Trump may have offered the scale back of his anti-China agenda in return for a NK surrender, which will be a big international win for him.

In all honesty, the situation is in itself really not very important. I think NK is cool, and I’ve always supported them, and think it’s cool that they exist. But it doesn’t make much of a difference to much of anything if they surrender.

The problem is that the Korea event does not exist in a vacuum. This exists in the context of what appears to be rising warmongering by the current administration. So that is the main worry. That it is part of a bigger program.

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