Dutch Court Convicts 20 People for Badthink and Wrongpost

Daily Stormer
May 19, 2017

This is one of the memes they made. Not that good, but it’s the thought(crime) that counts.

The thing about free speech is that it’s not free speech if it causes hurtfeels. When are evil nazis gonna realize this?


A Dutch court convicted 20 people Thursday of insulting or threatening a politician and television personality in a racially charged case that shocked the nation.

Why did it “shock the nation”? Were people shocked that they could go to jail for posting on the internet, or by the hatred of these vile racists? Some clarification would’ve been nice.

The verdicts came in the trial in Amsterdam of 21 people accused of targeting Sylvana Simons, who is a former dancer and television presenter of Surinamese descent, with a torrent of online racist abuse last year. One person was acquitted.

That one probably squealed.

“Did you do this chicken and watermelon meme?”

“No, I swear I didn’t! I only retweeted!”

“Yes you did, ADMIT IT!”

“I DIDN’T!!!”


“It was the guy with the Ebola-Chan avatar, I barely know him, I swear.”

“Point him out to me,” he said showing the nazi a laptop screen

With a quivering hand, the previously hate-crazed nazi pointed his finger at PEPEISGODYOLO2012’s Ebola-Chan avatar, and said in a guilty, resigned whisper – “It was hiiiiiim!”

I imagine that’s how it went.

The court said in a statement that the heaviest sentence, 80 hours of community service, went to a man who superimposed the head of Simons on video images of a Ku Klux Klan lynching. Others were given shorter work orders or fines.

“Many people saw the video and were confronted with discriminatory images of people with dark skin,” the court said.

It was only community service and fines this time, because of how intolerant the Netherlands is. They’re as not yet as tolerant as Britain, where mean tweets can get you two months of jail or more. And they’re certainly nowhere near as tolerant as the enlightened Germany, where just questioning a historical event can get you more prison time than if you sexually assault a six-year old girl. But have no fear, the wheels of (((progress))) keep on turning, no matter what racists like me say or think.

The court also underscored that aspect of the ruling.

“Expressing opinions is acceptable, there is a large amount of freedom, especially when it is part of a debate in society,” the court said in a statement. “But when the opinion is an insult, threat, incitement or discrimination, then it becomes criminal behavior.”

No hypocrisy here…

For those of you in America reading this – it’s gonna come there too eventually. If Anglin loses his trial with the SPLC, many of you will start having these kinds of problems. And in the country with the biggest kike population on the face of the planet, it’s gonna get a lot worse than this very quickly once a precedent has been set.

So start donating to his fund, or get ready to suffer the consequences.

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