EU Now Openly Suggesting Potential Conspiracy to Overturn Brexit

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

This is absolutely disgusting.

The UK would be welcome to stay in the EU if it decided to reverse Brexit, the president of the European Parliament has said, in stark contrast to Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement that there is now “no turning back.”

These EU sons of bitches attacked, insulted and threatened Britain, now they’re vaguely threatening to try and trick them back into it.

This appears to possibly be what the snap elections are about.

What they are now smelling is a weakened Trump. The sheriff who was supposed to clean up this town has had his spine surgically removed, and the bandits are moving in, surround the place, ready to loot and pillage.

Honestly, after the Trump reversal, I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up with a Brexit reversal as well.

It is unlikely, but it is far from impossible.

The UK voted for Brexit. More people support it now than when the vote took place. But the country is run by people who actively, aggressively campaigned against it.

And the snap election isn’t going to result in more pro-Brexit politicians, because there aren’t any pro-Brexit politicians. UKIP has collapsed, and the Tories were always pro-EU – just as pro-EU as Labor.

Electoral politics were never real.

But now, they are finally letting us know. Not even trying to hide it anymore.

We need new options on the table.

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