Even Stupidass Women Believe the Kekistani People Deserve to be Free

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 1, 2017

Even WOMEN believe that we deserve to have rights, and freedoms, and other things.

You know who wants to destroy us?

The fat gay nigger Daryle Lamont Jenkins, who once showed interracial porno (black-on-white) to a bunch of journalists he was whining to about Richard Spencer, and is a denier of the kekocaust, when six gorillion innocent anime Nazi accounts were gassed by evil dictator Jack Dorsey.


He claims to simply want whites to be forced into slavery to non-whites, where he can rape white women (apparently he’s only gay because that’s the only way he can get “sex” {“gay sex” is not actually “sex,” is it just masturbating in a man’s asshole} or maybe he just watches black-on-white porno because it degrades whites).

But what he actually wants is to exterminate us.

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