Evolutionary Throwback Beats Old White Woman to Death

Daily Stormer
May 19, 2017

Sure, if we didn’t have Blacks running around, little old ladies probably could walk around without fearing for their lives. But we also wouldn’t be able to enjoy such things as gangsta rap, either.

Is it worth the trade-off? Who’s to say.

The :

The man accused of brutally beating and killing a 63-year-old woman outside the South Mall Towers last year has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Gerard Burks, 39, admitted to the judge that he caused Lori Milks death and was drunk when he attacked her.

Police say security cameras captured Burks stomping on Milks’ face and torso during the attack on November 5th. Milks died from her injured nine days after she was attacked in the area of 101 South Pearl Street.

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