Fake News “Journalist” Luke O’Brien Trying to Frame Political Activist Andrew Anglin as Russian Agent!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 19, 2017

Andrew Anglin at work.

For months, I, my family, people I went to high school with, people I’ve never even met and others have been hounded by a “journalist” named Luke O’Brien, who has made it his mission to shut down this website by trying to defame me personally.

Because of course, taking things to the realm of ideas is much too much for the fake news media. We already won that fight.

O’Brien claims to be working on a story for The Atlantic, though it is incredible to me that such a paper would hire a man who uses terroristic and presumably illegal tactics of harassment and extortion to get the story he’s after.

Luke O’Brien: Journalist or terrorist?

This week, our very own Azzmador agreed to be an interview subject for him, and much of the talk was about attempting to determine my whereabouts.

In his article on the Alt-Right in Huffington Post, he claimed that I live in Berlin.

Now he’s trying to pin me in Russia.

He asked Azz if I was planning to “fly home from Russia to attend the Whitefish march,” in an attempt to get him to confirm that I indeed live in Russia.

For a number of reasons – which should be self-explanatory to the people who read this site – I do try to keep my location relatively private.

When he lied about me living in Berlin, he claimed the FBI told him that, which is absurd. The purpose of that lie was to try and get me prosecuted under German hatespeech laws, which are the most strict in the world.

By claiming I’m in Russia, he is following the “RUSSIAN FAKE NEWS – TRUMP ELECTION HACKED BY FAKE NEWS” narrative, and I guess get me investigated by Adam Schiff like Alex Jones was getting investigated by Peter Schiff. He’s a couple weeks late for that particular boat, however, as after the Syria strike, all discussion of it fell out of the media.

My sentiments towards O’Brien on this issue are similar to those of Alex Jones to Adam Schiff.

Though his agenda – or rather the agenda of the Jews he works for – is very clear in making up these lies, he is appealing to a childlike logic – “OH HE’S A NAZI – MUST BE IN BERLIN” followed by “OH HE’S A TRUMP SUPPORTER – MUST BE IN RUSSIA.”

Journalistic Ethnics in Action

One could write a dissertation on the obscene methodology of the fake news journalist Luke O’Brien.

When he was writing his piece for Huffington Post, I answered his questions.

Then he tried to hoax me with fake FBI communications, claiming he just called up the FBI and they gave him a bunch of information on ongoing investigations against me.

I responded like “lol bro r u sure?”

And he backed down.

When I didn’t respond to that, he sent me another one, a bit panicky at having been called out as a fake news artist.

I kind of think that it must be illegal to fake communications with the FBI like that in order to intimidate someone, though I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m not going to report it. Except here.

Probably because I printed those emails, showing him to be the worst sort of filth on the planet and unfit to be called a “journalist,” he began a campaign of revenge against me – which has allegedly been funded by The Atlantic, though they have refused to confirm or deny this (they won’t respond to my emails).

He went to my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, and started harassing threatening and trying to extort people.

Creepily, he continually referred to me as “Andy” with everyone he contacted.

He sent this Facebook message to a guy I went to high school with who I haven’t seen in like years.

Hi [redacted],
I’m a writer working on a feature about Andy Anglin for The Atlantic magazine. You may have heard that I’ve been rambling around Columbus. I know you’re Andy’s best friend and in regular contact with him. Maybe you’ve even hung out with him recently. I’d love to talk to you about Andy and have you explain how he wound up where he is, which seems several miles past the point of no return. You could have a big impact on my story. You’d be able to fill in some gaps in my reporting, make the piece more accurate and, above all, help me and a national audience understand Andy. Yes, I want to know about the bad stuff. But I also want to know about the good stuff. Unfortunately, I can’t find a single normal person to defend this guy. Not one. That’s tragic. In Andy, I see a guy with some real talent and energy who has put it to all the wrong ends. I’m not sure he believes half of what he writes. Maybe he’s just too deep into his troll to fully recognize reality. If anyone knows, it’s probably you. Andy will probably tell you not to talk to me. But the decisions he’s made to date haven’t worked out so well for him. I hope you’ll make a better choice on your own. Helping me understand him might actually do Andy, you and everyone some good. Please think about it and let me know.
Luke O’Brien

My old friend refused to respond, so he dug up his phone number somehow and started texting him, saying if he didn’t talk, he’d defame him in The Atlantic.

To be clear, I’m not threatening you. I’m asking for your help. And I’m also trying to help you. My story will be guided by my reporting. You should view this as an opportunity to explain your friend, some of whose views your Facebook page indicates you share. You’ve known him his whole life. You’re his boy in Columbus. I want to know about him. If people won’t talk to me, they’re protecting him, which makes them complicit in this. Which makes them part of the story. That’s what I’m trying to tell you.



My old friend then said he didn’t want his name associated with the Alt-Right in a paper, and then he tried to extort him, saying if he didn’t talk he would be defamed.

I know all that, [name redacted]. We can talk about it. Depends how much you cooperate with me and how honest I think you’re being. If you help me out, I can help you out. Simple as that. If you don’t help me, I can’t make you any promises.

After threatening my old friend and various other persons, he then tried to emotionally manipulate my mother by going to her home.


He left this insane note on MY MOTHER’S DOOR.

He states that his number one goal in writing the article is to SHUT DOWN THE WEBSITE!

I’ve taken the time – a lot of time, in fact – to transcribe his handwriting (which a handwriting analyst would no doubt have a field day with).

Dear [name redacted, I will note he used a familiar name],

I hope I have the right address – I’m a journalist writing a story about your son Andy for the Atlantic magazine. I know you have been through so much and I’m deeply sorry for that. But I’m contacting you because I need someone who loves Andy to speak on his behalf. I realize he had a tough time as a kid and that Greg probably had a bad influence on him. My goal is: 1) to hold Andy a little more accountable because he needs to stop what he’s doing; 2) most important, to understand how he would up where he is, in the hope it can help him and others. He’s still a human being. Please help me show people that. You’re his mom. I know ya love him. This might be the best way to help him and others.

Luck O’Brien


He also called her work and left a message there as an attempt to intimidate her into talking to him.

I contacted The Atlantic about this, requesting a statement and relaying all of this information to them, and they refused to respond. I wrote about that (as well as more details about the rest of his scorched earth campaign of terror) a few weeks ago. You can read that if you haven’t, it’s enlightening.

This is the way the fake news media functions.

They lie and terrorize for the purpose of silencing all opposition to their agenda.

This is extreme though, even for the most unscrupulous people on the planet.

I thought after I published this stuff and emailed them, The Atlantic would quietly kill the story – because who the hell wants to be associated with that?

I was personally shocked when I got word that the terrorist O’Brien was at the April 8th Washington war protest trying to dig the scoop.

What Story Shall He Tell???

I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

Basically, I expect it to be focused on the idea that I’m part of a Russian conspiracy.

He was really trying hard to dig up some kind of embarrassing personal stuff about me – because hey, if you can’t talk about ideas, why not attack the man’s character? That’s the fake news way!

In all honesty, there’s nothing to dig up that I haven’t already poured out.

I’m a pretty straightforward type of guy.

  • Yes, I have a history of drug use as a teenager.
  • Yes, I’ve had a DUI.
  • Yes, I’ve been in some fights.
  • Yes, I lived, worked and backpacked in Asia and dated a couple of gooks (I dated a lot more white girls than gooks in that period to be fair, and I also never had a serious gook gf – but whoever dug up the pictures of me with gooks declined to post all the pictures of me with fine ass Scandinavian chicks).
  • Yes, there is a video of me with a gookess in Flips where I use the word “jailbait” to refer to her. This was a video I recorded for friends, who had joked with me about a picture they saw of me with a girl saying she was underage – due to the fact that Asians tend to look young. I don’t know how old the girl actually was, as I didn’t know her that well, it was just a stupid video I shot after a few drinks at lunch, but she was working and had graduated a two-year college course, so I’d guess she was 20-21.
  • Yes, I am wearing a nigger bandanna in that video, which is surely the worst fact of all (unless the JNCO thing is true), but you have to understand it is very hot in that country, and the sweat just rolls down your face. Basically, you wear a bandanna under your motorcycle helmet and then under your baseball cap.
  • Yes, there is a recording of me trolling a black guy where I say “the white race should be bred out” and “I only date niggers” – the context of that was that he was a black guy with a white wife and half-breed children, which I was poking fun at – it’s something the kids call “for teh lulz.” I can’t find it now to link it, but if you listen to the whole thing (rather than selected clips which are pulled out and apparently edited to hide my slurred speech), it’s clear it’s just fucking around drunk.
  • Yes, I was really into conspiracies for a while in my youth up through my twenties, this was in part related to drug use. Someone could probably find audio of me talking about chemtrails, Freemasonic satanism, and probably even David Icke reptilians. In fact, surprised no one hasn’t found that – it’d be a lot more embarrassing than hanging out at a mall with some gook.
  • Yes, I read Ted Kaczinski and became obsessed with the idea of primitivism and tried to live with a jungle tribe in the Philippines for like a year (interesting story – it was working in China that drove me to this state of hatred for technology, I’ve written extensively about that mostly before I became race aware but I imagine it would still be interesting now; I can’t find it – I was highly influenced by the books of Jacques Ellul, which I still recommend everyone read).
  • Yes, I might have owned JNCOs when I was a freshman or sophomore in high school, though I am not ready to definitively confirm that.

That is all stuff I’ve said openly, from when I started my Total Fascism blog in 2011; I have never tried to deny or obfuscate – and I have never apologized for any of it, and won’t.

I’ve had a fun, weird life and I regret nothing.

I can’t think of anything else that could possibly be dug up, so anything else he prints from “anonymous sources” is going to be a lie.

“Opening up the libel laws” is a Trump promise we haven’t heard talk of since the campaign, regrettably.

More O’Brien Information

I’ve got more information on O’Brien, as well as his research methods, which I may or may not release here. I have been talking to some people at a little bit more “mainstream” outlets who I would rather have deal with this story. Most of them don’t seem to believe that The Atlantic is actually going to publish the story, given the activities that O’Brien engaged in, and after they do I think there’s a good chance more mainstream right-wing publications will be willing to deal with it.

Because this doesn’t really have anything to do with me. This is about the fact that the mainstream media is now completely out of control, and is hellbent on silencing any who dare oppose them.

To Be Clear About Russia

I can state under penalty of perjury that I have never been given money by the Russian government or anyone associated with the Russian government and that I have never had anything I say on this website directed by any such entities.

In fact, though I don’t have an actual Bible here, I just opened the Bible app on my phone and swore the same on that.

I have unapologetically shilled for Russia, and I have done so because I believe in Russia. I believe in Vladimir Putin and I believe in the Russian people. The last Great White Nation.

That having been said, I am loyal to my own country first and foremost, and to my own people.

That is real news.

Last Man Standing

What we are witnessing with Luke O’Brien and with other happenings is a concerted attempt to silence the dissident press, to silence criticism of the ruling elite – by any means necessary. Character assassination, accusations of foreign allegiances, etc. are all tools with the same end goal of silencing dissent.

The Alt-Right is the only group left that has any chance of saving White Western Civilization.

This is an actual Last Starfighter situation. You thought you were playing a game. And then shit got real.

The Daily Stormer is not the movement, but it is serving as a place to forward our ideas on an everyday basis. The goal of this site was never to be a political party, it was always to spread the message to as many people as possible, and that is what we are doing.

And we are extremely successful with it.

An average of 160,000 people a day visit this website. Every day.

lol I don’t know if people liked my April Fool’s troll or were freaking out thinking it was real. But it was a high-traffic day.

They have come after my money, they’ve come after my hosting, they have ddosed and attacked the site, they have defamed me, they have invented horrible stories about me, they’ve come after my family – and I’m still here.

The Daily Stormer never dies.

We are not going to stop.

I can promise you that.

This agenda is pushing forward, no matter what.

If these people kill me, than I swear to Christ himself I am going to climb up out of the grave and keep typing.

Hail Victory.

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