Florida: ISIS Lover Gets Life Sentence for Bomb Plot

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

These foiled plots are an everyday thing.

Why are there Moslems in our countries?

Seriously, what is the alleged benefit that makes up for all of these negatives?

Does anyone know?

Has anyone even said?


Florida resident Harlem Suarez was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction obtained from undercover federal agents, and for providing material support to Islamic State.

“The offense is such a serious offense that people need to know that you can’t do that,” Judge Martinez said in the Key West district court after an hour-long sentencing hearing, imposing the life sentence on Tuesday, according to the Miami Herald.

“He was talking the talk. He was walking the walk and was in possession of what he thought was a weapon of mass destruction,” added the judge.

Suarez’s lawyer had asked for a more lenient sentence but Judge Martinez agreed with prosecutors that Suarez should get the maximum term.

The 25-year-old was convicted at a trial on January 27 of buying a bomb and plotting to blow up a Florida Keys beach, in allegiance to Islamic State (IS formerly ISIS/ISIL).

In July 2015, Suarez, who was living with his parents in Key West, met with undercover federal agents he believed were IS sympathizers and purchased a backpack bomb. The bomb contained galvanized nails and could be detonated by a cellular telephone. Suarez was arrested that same month after accepting the inert explosive from the agents.

A jury took 47 minutes to find him guilty as charged.

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