Former French Official Says “Russian Threat” is a Hoax to Justify Existence of NATO

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2017


Somebody went ahead and said one of those things that’s blatantly obvious to anyone with a 120+ IQ that no one is allowed to say again!

And this comes just after some Dutch guy pointed out that if you turned the migrant boats around they would stop coming.


These goyim need to learn to keep their filthy mouths shut!


NATO became obsolete after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the bloc is purposefully representing Russia as a security threat to justify its own existence, Yves Bonnet, former head of French counter-intelligence, told RT.

The Russians “are no longer ‘villains,’ the Soviet threat has vanished – primarily because the USSR doesn’t exist anymore,” Bonnet said.

The claims of Moscow’s aggressive behavior coming from the US-led military bloc’s officials are “exaggerated,” the former head of Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, or DST as its French abbreviation goes, which was dissolved in 2008, added.

“I believe that NATO intentionally fuels the perception of Russia as a threat… Like any organization, the North Atlantic Alliance wants to continue existing and the only reason for prolonging its existence is you… the Russians,” he said.

Picturing Russia as in international menace “doesn’t work anymore. I can assure you that the French people, fortunately, no longer believe it,” Bonnet added.

No one has believed it since the 1980s – save for decadent boomer cucks talking about “end times prophecy.”

And yes, Europeans, a significant portion of American boomers believe that world events are shaped by Biblical “end times prophecy.”

This is what baby boomers actually believe.

They’re the decadent, self-absorbed flipside of the decadent, self-absorbed liberal left immigrationists.

Both have deranged, nonsensical ideologies that can be reduced to “BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD.”

I’m going to write an article in the near future about the “churches” I attended as a kid. That they played folk-rock music and with a straight-face talked about people having magic powers.

I feel so bad for the young white kids trying to be religious after what the boomers turned religion into.

And my family wasn’t particularly religious even. This was just the mainstream of evangelical Christianity in the 80-90s.

The “conservative” side of the boomer experience took a massive shit on over a thousand years of Christian tradition and replaced it with people having magic powers, end times prophecy and folk-rock music.

And then they’re still sitting around wondering why their children are a bunch of godless dredlocked vegans and cock-sucking faggots.

Now with the Millennials they raised on their last leg, no jobs and dying in mass from heroin, the boomer generation are on their way to their graves and they’re trying to give their children one last good kick in the face by starting a war with Russia.

This relates to my article yesterday about the decline of Christianity – it declined because the boomers turned it into something that couldn’t possibly be passed on to another generation.

Analogy: Wooden furniture was passed down by families for generations over hundreds of years sometimes. No one is going to be passing anything from IKEA to their grandkids.

Anyway, totally VEERED THE HELL OFF right there, but that does explain the only group in the world who is worried about Russia.

Them, and faggot rights activists.

NOTE: Yes, boomers, I understand it’s #NotAllBoomers. Don’t send me an email about this. It’s a generational, sociological trend, meaning no individual is responsible for it anyway.

So back to this French guy then.

The former intelligence chief told French-language media outlet RT en Français that he was “very sad that France has again joined NATO.”

Paris withdrew from NATO in 1966 due to questioning its ability to resist the Soviet Union and developing its own nuclear deterrent, and only returned to the bloc 30 years later.

In the current historic moment, NATO “isn’t a useful organization, but a dangerous one,” Bonnet said, adding that “the North Atlantic Alliance should be disbanded altogether.”

I saw what NATO did in Yugoslavia [in 1999], waging a war there without an international warrant… Now NATO is invading Afghanistan, although this country isn’t in the North Atlantic,” he said.

The intelligence veteran slammed the bloc’s policies towards Russia, saying that “it makes no sense to make the Russians worry. It’s completely pointless to make [the Russians] nervous. Don’t tease the ‘Russian bear.’”

He also dismissed claims that Russia tried to meddle with the French presidential elections, voiced shortly before the April 23 vote by the candidate of successful candidate Emmanuel Macron.

I think that it’s exactly the opposite. The Russians didn’t interfere in the French election. But there was an open influence on the presidential campaign from numerous financial interests, both French and international, in particular Israeli, who supported the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron,” Bonnet said.


Where have I heard that before…

Israel is the Main Foreign Power Subverting the American Election System

Oh, right.

Everyone knows that Israel – or, perhaps more accurately, “international Jewry” – attempts to influence every country’s elections. Notice how this guy just says it all casual like. It’s just a known thing among anyone who has any idea what’s going on.

But no politician is allowed to say it while in office.

Mainly because the Jews also control the media.

That’s why RT is so valuable.

Infowars is still too goofy to really be taken very seriously at all (they are getting better, but Jones just can’t help himself with the kooky stuff).

Breitbart focuses almost exclusively on America (their foreign stories are just aggregated translations), plus they would never print something about Israel meddling in elections.

And the Daily Stormer doesn’t have any money, because we are constantly being cockblocked by the Jews.


Yes, NATO exists for the sole purpose of ensuring it continues to exist, and this means starting conflicts for no clear reason.

You’re not allowed to say that. It’s in-your-face obvious.

But as a great man once said.

And of course, there are (((bigger forces))) behind NATO that want it to continue existing.

But it is worthwhile to understand that it is more than just Jewish manipulation that keeps NATO alive. The organization itself wants to continue existing, and it wants a war with Russia.

Jens Stoltenberg doesn’t have to get a call from some Jew to tell him to provoke Russia – he does it because it is the agenda of his organization.

It’s just like the Jews don’t have to tell the FBI to try and set up some “White Supremacist” (or Moslem for that matter) group in some sort of bomb plot. FBI agents do it because it justifies continued budget expansion for more and more programs.

This is an important point when you’re talking about a “Jewish conspiracy.” There are certainly Jewish conspiracies, but overall, you have a system of interlinked systems which run on their own to carryout the Jewish agenda. It isn’t all being planned in a dark room by some secret council.

Jews are a virus. And the cells* of a virus don’t get together and plan to create an outbreak. They just do it. They all go do their infecting, and all the sudden you have an outbreak, and everything is sick and dying. That is the way the Jew works. Not as some global conspiracy with secret meetings (though they do have secret meetings to plan certain things), but as a viral agent, which infects and corrupts the internal cell structure of a host, then moves from host to host.

All aspects of our society are infested with the Jewish virus, so they are all degrading, breaking down, dying.

This is why the racial issue is so important when addressing Jews. Because otherwise you are left with some kooky Illuminati type thing. And that ends up being goofy, and is easily attacked. The concept of a racial menace is sound, and cannot be refuted. That is why the work of 1920-30s anti-Semitic racialists and Kevin MacDonald is so important.

*Viruses do not actually have cells, they have units called “virions.” Because they are not actually a living thing, in the way bacteria is a living thing. They exist only as RNA units and infect and replicate themselves inside of cells. This makes them the perfect metaphor for Jews. They do this same thing to us, where they mix their blood with the host population. There is no such thing as a “pure Jew.” And there are all types of different colors of Jews, but they are all connected through blood, and they all share the same behavior patterns. As I want my readers to be smarter, I recommend you read through the Wikipedia article on viruses. They are a fascinating, bizarre thing. They are the only living thing that is not actually a living thing, as they have no DNA, and they mutate nonstop randomly, which gives them and ability to transform themselves in real time. The actually appear to be a manmade organism, and the theories of their origins are all sort of silly. 

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