Germany: Hateful McDonald’s Signs Bring Back Memories of the Crusades

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2017

White people love to make colored people feel bad using signs.

You have to hand it to White people: they might be hateful to minorities, but they are often innovative when expressing that hatred.

Denying that six million Jews perished at the hands of Nazi murderers during World War II, claiming that Islam is a religion of conquest rather than of peace, believing that the Chinese are a clan of insectoid dog-eaters… White people really understand how to belittle the soul of an entire race for their own twisted amusement.

Sometimes, though, Whites opt for more mundane means of promoting hatred, just to spruce things up a bit. And their favorite way of doing this, by far, is to erect a few Hate Signs in a place where minorities are guaranteed to see them – such as outside a McDonald’s restaurant.

Daily Mail:

A racism row has broken out in Germany over a bilingual McDonald’s sign that sends German speakers to a restaurant in a wealthy part of town and Turkish speakers to a branch in a run-down area.

Directions on one poster, written in German, point customers to the more upmarket Wasserturm area of Mannheim, in the country’s west.

But the second, written in Turkish, sends people to an outlet in an area described by one German media outlet as being ‘seedier’.

The contrasting signs sparked anger locally amid accusations on Twitter of ‘racial segregation’. A municipal Migration Committee member reported citizens had felt maligned by the bilingual instructions.

But the franchise owner insists he was trying to be inclusive while McDonald’s bosses said the matter was ‘clearly a misunderstanding’.

The sign on the left, in German, says ‘We are moving to Wasserturm’, along with an arrow and a 10-minute time estimate for getting there. The other says the same in Turkish but with a different location and directions.

You don’t need to speak German or Turkish to know that these signs brim with concentrated hatred.

Imagine being a Turk in Mannheim and seeing these signs in the streets. Would they not instantly bring to mind the Crusades, during which thousands of your kinsmen were killed just for preferring spicy food?

How can you maintain peace of mind in Germany, knowing that even its McDonald’s branches – once famous for their inclusiveness – now want your children impaled for the lolz?

It almost makes you want to go back to Turkey.

Then you realize you can’t – because your home was destroyed during the ongoing civil war. In Syria.

According to DW, franchise owner Manfred Büch wanted to direct customers to two of his other restaurants because one was closing.

He said he had asked a Turkish firm to draw up the signs and insisted he had employed international workers for 25 years ‘everyday without racist incidents’.

‘To be accused now of discrimination makes us speechless and sad,’ he said.

According to Die Welt, McDonald’s said in a statement: ‘Discrimination has no place in our restaurants. This is clearly a misunderstanding, and we applaud the franchise owner for his swift reaction in removing the signs.’

The signs might be removed, but the memories of those signs still linger in the minds of the Turks who saw them.

I guess the only solution to this problem is to make Turkish the official language of Germany. This way, we can make it next to impossible for the German government to discriminate based on language.

I mean, why would you want to speak the same language as Hitler, anyway?

The Nazis created Hate Signs too, and look how that ended up.

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