Hitler is Looking Down on Us, Loling at Every Lulzy Meme We Post

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

I believe in metaphysics.

I am not explicitly religious, necessarily, but I believe that great men never die. Their spirits carry-on into eternity.

And so when I act, when I write, when I troll and meme, I am consciously aware of the fact that Adolf Hitler is looking down on me. I want him to judge me. In my mind, I picture him judging me. And that is what gives me the energy to spend so many hours of my life working on this site, in order to do my part in helping to accomplish the goal Adolf Hitler set out to accomplish.

I know that Hitler is watching us, and I know he is proud of us. What’s more, I know that he thinks we’re funny.

He and all of our ancestors are protecting and guiding us.

We must be aware of this.

It gives us bravery, strength and power.

People have commented that I don’t do very good in interviews. Even on podcasts, I don’t really succeed in communicating as well as I’d like.

But my writing – wow, it’s fantastic. I go back and read my old stuff and I’m like “did I really write this? This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read! When this type of material finally gains the audience it deserves, we are going to crush these Jews!”

This is because I am channeling the spirits of my ancestors, and because my fingers when I type are being guided by the divine spirit of St. Adolf Hitler.

He is the Avatar who my mind focuses on when I need strength or creativity.

For he was the creative force of the universe made manifest within a man.

He fought for the Aryan race because the Aryan race is the highest lifeform which the divine universe has thus far created. We are the pinnacle of existence, and it is our duty to bring forth a era of mankind unmatched by anything that has come before it.

We are destined to announce the dawn of an Age of Light.

We are but small men, to whom the universe has given a very large task.

Everything is stacked against us.

But we must be victorious.

We have no choice.

Steel yourselves, brothers.

For the war is already here.

When the darkness is around you, and you feel it could consume you, remember the man who gave his entire self for you, that you might live, that your children might live, that the glory of the Aryan race might full bloom and that our people might shine brighter than the sun itself.

Adolf Hitler was sent by God to crush the forces of darkness and evil.

And he did not fail. He simply died before he was finished.

It is our duty to finish it.

When you fight, know that you have his blessing. And know that he is with you.

He is protecting you.

He is guiding you.

And he is laughing at your memes.

Adolf Hitler will never die.

And neither will anyone else who gives their heart and soul to the battle against the forces of darkness and evil.

Happy Birthday, Adolf.

Hail Victory.

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