I Remember a Time When Dollar Tree was a Safe, Family Place

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2017

We used to be able to go to the Dollar Tree, to get our little Chinese trinkets that we needed, such as light bulbs and nail clippers and various types of tape.

It used to be a fun, family place to browse for useful Chinese crap.

But those days, my friends – those days are long gone.

The Dollar Tree is now a cesspit filled with the absolute worst trash on the planet.

BASED x-treme Gorilla Serena Williams.

Somehow, the unethical bag of fermenting ratjuice Alex Ohianin thinks “hate speech” such as r/CoonTown and even r/altright is “not free speech,” but it is okay to send his haggard Negroid mistress to invade our peaceful shopping experiences.

Why allowing r/The_Donald to continue to exist, which is basically a crime against humanity (note: I think r/The_Donald should have their free speech, but what Reddit has done is ban any and all real dissent, funneling anyone looking for answers to their problems into what is literally the most faggot-ridden webforum in earth history – seriously, go read it.)

If you would like to learn more about how and why I made this meme, please by my $1700 e-course “How to Waste Your Life Making Unfunny Internet Pictures in 4 Minute Blocks.”

By the way, does anyone remember Odd Lots?

It was around before the Chinese takeover of our industry, and sold overstocked products.

The first one was called “Buckeye Mart” and was in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

And this picture makes me want to cry:

This is my home – “my home” – now:

Tell me again how I’m “driven by irrational hatred and fear,” SPLC.

Seriously, tell me that one more fucking time.

Tell us all that.

Tell us it’s all in our heads. That we’re just delusional insane, driven by the emotion of hatred, and how this is evil, and we must be silenced by any means necessary.

“Odd Lots” is called “Big Lots” now, and it just sells the same Chinese crap as Dollar Tree.

But you’re 60% less likely to run into Serena Williams there.

nb4 this is going to be a day full of shitty posts – not so. I’m not even going to be writing most of the posts today. So if they do happen to be shitty, I’m going to be able to push that blame off onto underlings.

We might not get everything we want from today’s posts, but we got a big win on a French story. Everything else, well – my own staff was cockblocking me.

I think today’s posts are a big win for the Daily Stormer, because although we got a nonsense post about Serena Williams going shopping and looking like a crack addict in a store for crack addicts, and we got some weird post about a Russian woman in a dog sled, and I’m probably going to write something about the band U2, which isn’t going to make any sense – we got the Macron thing, and all the rest of the good posts well, we’re going to get those in September.

As it turns out, a recent scientific poll showed that 53.3% of Daily Stormer readers actually like that Daily Stormer articles often don’t even make sense. A further 43% do not give a fuck and just hate everything. A mere 4% of readers believe articles on this site should be less retarded.

Nevertheless, I promised you good posts, and you’re going to get them. You’ve just got to settle down, and trust me, that these posts will be coming through in September.


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