Jews Suddenly Care About Free Speech as Sponsors Boycott Trump Assassination Propaganda

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 17, 2017

The type of content that would’ve gotten you a knock on the door from the Secret Service under previous presidents is now “free speech” according to Jews.

Not only is portraying Trump being stabbed to death by women and minorities protected, but people who are outraged by the spectacle have no right to boycott companies that finance such content.

As we speak, well-funded Leftist/Jewish pressure groups have coordinated to attack Breitbart’s sponsors, leading to a 90% drop in revenue. This is all because they don’t like Breitbart’s editorial line. Nobody is calling this an attack on free speech because they like the outcome, but they are offended that Alt-Lites and Trump fans are now mirroring their tactics.

The disingenuous Newsweek kike Ed Simon dishonestly portrays the angry Trump fans as uptight rubes who hate Shakespeare.


The recent furor in the right-wing press over the New York’s Public Theatre’s current anti-Trumpian Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar would be funny if it wasn’t so predictable.

Following on the heels of the public castigation of comedian Kathy Griffin’s inopportune tweet of two weeks ago (which in light of “ShakesGate” I’m inclined to now charitably interpret as a promotional still for a contemporary staging of Euripides’ The Bacchae ), conservative sites have gone apoplectic over the “insensitivity” of director Oskar Eustis’s decision to stage the play in Central Park’s Delacorte Theater, a production which exemplifies the observation that “Shakespeare’s political masterpiece has never felt more contemporary.”

The production’s unsubtle message was not lost on the audience when the ancient Roman dictator appeared with a ridiculous blonde bouffant, a cheap, inexpertly knotted tie hanging below his crotch, and a wife who purrs in a Slovenian accent.

As could be guessed, the clanging chorus of the conservative news media was not amused. Fox News, who share Eustis’s distrust of subtlety, disingenuously headlined one of their articles with “NYC Play Appears to Depict Assassination of Trump,” as if one of the great plays of one of our greatest playwright were simply only a “NYC Play.”

Despite that, both Bank of America and Delta Airlines pulled their financial support for the play, for an upstanding institution like Bank of America (which surely has never been responsible for any damage to the lives of actual people…) could not be associated with such an intemperate play as Julius Caesar.

Shakespeare has never been politically neutral, and the right-wing anxiety over a New York production of a classic play belies how little of their defense of the canon and of great literature since the heyday of academe’s Culture Wars of a generation ago was actually just disingenuous posturing.

But ironically, the rather immutable message of the play is provided in a playbill gloss by its director, who writes that Julius Caesar “can be read as a warning parable to those who try to fight for democracy by undemocratic means.” This, it would seem, is crucial, for in such context a production as this can be read as anti-trump without being pro-violence, with Eustis continuing by explaining that “To fight the tyrant does not mean imitating him.”

And this, I think, gets to the heart about what the right finds so dangerous about Shakespeare in this circumstance. It has nothing to do with taste or appropriateness, and everything to do with the fact that such a classic text is able to see a tyrant for precisely what he actually is.

Let’s get to the crux of the matter: most Jews and “liberals” want to impeach Donald Trump. If Robert Mueller can’t manufacture a case, they’ll settle for assassination.

Through “modern takes” on classic plays, through unfunny “comedy” portraying a decapitated Trump, and cable news coverage repeating the mantra that Trump is a traitorous Manchurian Candidate who will destroy the world if he isn’t stopped, they are hoping to slowly normalize the idea of killing Trump in our national psyche. In other words, they are hoping to inspire the next James Hodgkinson.

The Huffington Post has already stuck their toe in the water, but quickly retreated when they saw the time wasn’t right. During the campaign, journalists and “experts” casually would call for violence and military coups.

If tomorrow the president was shot, all Judeo-Leftists would roar in celebration. The typical terrorist-journalist won’t do it themselves, but they will try to meme it into reality. Which is why Trump must call on his Red Hats to go after CNN, Newsweek and the Washington Post to save his own life.

Nobody would defend an iteration of Julius Caesar showing Obama getting stabbed to death by Southerners, or Netanyahu being killed by Palestinians. But here we see something different, and it’s got nothing to do with Shakespeare.

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