Joshua Bonehill is Still in Prison for Making a Cartoon! Send Him a Letter!

Jez Turner
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2017

Joshua Bonehill

The Daily Stormer helps our POWs!

Joshua Bonehill, thought criminal, on behalf of all white patriots behind the wire, thanks The Daily Stormer for keeping their morale high!

White prisoners in British jails are currently being targeted by non-white gangs who beat them up because they are white, and by Muslim gangs because they won’t convert to Islam. And if you think this is bad, then realize that the prison authorities are encouraged by ‘the powers that be’ to turn a blind eye to any such attacks, unless of course the whites fight back and an attacker ends up getting injured and THEN in that case the whites are prosecuted for defending themselves.

So, it is vitally IMPORTANT then we let our boys know that they are not alone, that we are thinking of them and that we are grateful for their sacrifice.

This is the cartoon Joshua may well be doing life in prison for posting on the internet.

REMEMBER: Just because a prisoner does not reply to you does not mean he does not want to! He may not be able to. The prison authorities frequently withdraw mail privileges for long periods at a time, meaning the prisoner is not allowed to write or receive mail, sometimes the prisoner is not even told that some or all of his incoming mail is being kept from him. So keep writing to our boys, (and girls), and don’t forget the special times of year when a card can make all the difference.

“Please let people know that my mail was stopped over the last 6 – 7 months. I did however receive many hundreds of Christmas cards from all four corners of the the Globe – this really cheered me up and made Christmas a special time of reflection and hope. I will always be grateful to all those who have and continue to write to me.’’ – Joshua Bonehill

Joshua is on the home straight now. He should in theory serve time until 2021, and that’s assuming they don’t throw any more thought crime charges at him for things he wrote long ago on the net long before his original trial.

However, with good behaviour he could be released far sooner, though on licence, (i.e. with restrictions), and with this in mind he has been transferred to a prison near his home in South West England. In tandem with this his conditions have been relaxed and his mail restrictions have been lifted.

The only drawback with South West England is that, in line with liberalism’s dis-connect with the real world and reality, every prison in the region is subject to a smoking ban – yes, no cigarettes in prison. Cigarettes which form the currency, economy, culture, luxury, necessity, relaxation, and purpose of prison life are now banned.

Result? Anger, frustration and riots, more riots and yet more riots. Prisoners smoke anything they can get their hands on – rolling tea bags & tobacco patches in newspapers, toilet rolls, pages of books, etc. are a favorite. The Muslim gangs ostentatiously smoke pages of The Holy Bible in an attempt to intimidate white prisoners, but apparently get very annoyed when some of the tougher life sentence lags return the insult by smoking pages of The Koran!

What next? Perhaps they will ban Christmas celebrations inside Britain’s jails? One sympathetic prison warder thinks this will be the next step and confided in this writer, ‘’ Overt displays of Christmas festivity are already being looked at as it offends ‘the minorities.’

All in all, what with staff cuts, lax discipline, ethnic gangs and drugs running rampant, the whole prison system is spiralling out of control.’’ He added ‘’For the same reason that British Government Ministers and Members of Parliament never live in Britain’s multi-racial inner cities, which of course they helped create, or send their own children to the slum slackademies that have replaced the once decent white schools, prison governors now never venture into the wings of their own prisons – mainly because it is just far too dangerous!’’

Another cartoon that Joshua is in prison for posting on the internet.

So do something valuable for The Cause. Pick up a pen and paper and write to one of our patriot POWs, (there are literally hundreds of them); the current addresses for two of our most prominent thought criminals in Britain – Joshua Bonehill and Lawrence Burns – are below.

You have your freedom, they do not.

For speaking out and telling the truth they are in prison.

Write to them today.

Tomorrow may be too late, tomorrow it could be you.

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POW addresses

Joshua Bonehill
HMP Guys Marsh

Lawrence Burns
HMP Peterborough

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