Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Trump and Matt Heimbach to Proceed

Daily Stormer
April 3, 2017

What was this Black terrorist doing at a Trump rally?

The Jews and their lackeys are just piling on at this point, trying to find anything that might hurt Trump in one way or another.

They’ve dug up this old nonsense about a Negress being supposedly “shoved” at a Trump rally and are trying to tie this to the President.


Three protesters may move ahead with their lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s campaign and two Trump supporters, one of them a white nationalist, who attacked them at a Kentucky rally last year.

While US District Judge David Hale ruled out the notion that the attackers were Trump’s agents, he said it’s plausible the would-be president incited a riot. He denied the defendant’s motions to dismiss or strike portions of the complaint.

In case you were wondering…

While Donald Trump was supposedly “inciting a riot,” BLM terrorists were burning the bitch down and violently attacking Trump supporters.

It was also proven by Project Veritas that the Democrats paid people to start violence at Trump rallies. I wonder if this evidence will be brought up at this trial?

Kashiya Nwanguma, Molly Shah and Henry Brousseau attended the March 1, 2016, Louisville rally for the purpose of “peacefully protesting Trump,” the ruling says. Nwanguma was carrying a sign with Trump’s head on a pig’s body, according to multiple news reports.

At some point during his remarks at the Kentucky International Convention Center, the ruling states, the candidate said, “Get ’em out of here.”

You don’t have the “right” to go protest at someone’s political rally held in a private venue. Trump had every right to have anyone kicked out for any reason. At some point during his campaign, his rallies were being disturbed systematically by leftist infiltrators.

There is every chance that these three were paid by the Clinton campaign, like all the others. They made a grave mistake in involving Trump in the lawsuit; now they’ll have to contend with him. If I were Trump, I’d put a research team to find out if the three “activists” had ties to the Clinton campaign, and use the Project Veritas revelations to show that these people were paid to incite violence, making them criminals.

Matthew Heimbach, who was representing the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party, and Alvin Bamberger attacked the protesters, according to the ruling.

Nwanguma, Shah and Brousseau accuse Heimbach and Bamberger of assault and battery. They further level charges of incitement to riot, negligence, gross negligence and recklessness against the Trump campaign.

Matt Heimbach is a pretty chill guy. He definitely wouldn’t initiate violence. From what I hear, the she-boon was being violent and started chimping out, so Heimbach stepped in to defend the people.

All of these charges are so baseless that it’s unthinkable a non-political judge would allow them to proceed. But while this sucks for Matt, this is an opportunity to revisit all of these incidences of violence against the Trump people which are now forgotten.

Somebody is going to have to pay for this.

The Jews should have left this buried and forgotten.

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