Jumping Rope is Very Good for You

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2017

Wow, TIME decided to report real news.

First TIME for everything I suppose.

But yes: jumping rope is serious business.

Unlike running, which is retarded. You people are destroying your joints – in particular your knees – unless you’re running barefoot on a beach, which statistically you probably are not.

The one thing I will say is good for running is interval sprints. 60 second bursts, full steam, hard as you can, 60 second rest, repeat. Do it 5-10 times.

That, however, is the only “running” anyone should be doing unless they are running away from a bear or an Islamic Peace Truck or something.

This jogging thing that these people are still out on the streets doing – we know how bad this is for you. The debate is over. It is a stupid thing.

And unlike other things that are bad for you – smoking or eating McDonald’s or whatever – it isn’t done in spite of the fact that it is bad for you because of some pleasure. It is done because people apparently believe it is good for them even though it is an established fact that it is not.

Maybe there is some pleasure from it. But that pleasure is only the max exertion high you can get from other things – including the sprinting I mentioned or in fact from jumping rope.


I would honestly rather be writing about men’s health than this Trump-Russia stuff. I can’t hardly even take that anymore.

It’s driving me insane, I am like 70% sure.

People listened to the recent appearance of me on The Daily Shoah and were like “ANGLIN WAS DRUNK” and I’m like no I wasn’t then I turn it on myself and I’m like, “yep, sounds drunk… and yet I am this person I am listening to and I remember this conversation and am 100% certain I had not had a drop…”

So, part of this state of giving the appearance of drunkenness while sober is perhaps Niggerian fatigue syndrome – as I have told you, there is a brigade of Negro children at my gate daily, slamming their heads against it because one time I gave these little monkeys a pack of grade-A machine-rolled cigarettes – but part of it is just writing about this inane nonsense all day long.

The kids are used to rollies. The pack of Marlboros I tossed them was like feeding heroin to rats.

So that’s it.

I’m done.

No more of this political gibberish.

The Daily Stormer is now a website focused exclusively on:

  • Men’s health issues
  • Nigerian food reviews
  • Science fiction film, novel and comic book reviews
  • Getting laid
  • Getting laid in Nigeria without getting HIV
  • Sustainable agriculture, in particular permaculture
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Video games
  • Cellphone reviews

So, to all of the companies reading this, I’m getting like 160,000 unique visitors a day and I will review your products if you send them to me. Please send me the following things:

  • Running shoes
  • Tracksuits
  • Screeners of science fiction films/movie tickets to theaters in Lagos
  • Science fiction novels and comics
  • Condoms
  • MMA equipment and training programs
  • Video games
  • All types of electronics

This is big business now, folks.

Nike, Apple, Nvidia, Tor, Bethesda, Venum – this isn’t a joke.

Send me the stuff.

I’m gonna purple prose the living hell out of your reviews, you’re going to get richer, I’m going to get this free stuff, my readers are going to learn interesting things about your products and also I’m going to not go insane from writing this political gibberish nonstop.

The Daily Stormer: Rebooted

This is a game where everyone is a winner.

UDPATE: Following the x-treme popularity of the TDS episode where everyone thought I was drunk and I wasn’t, I’m also going to be writing about this type of shit:

So new age self-help authors are also welcome to send me their materials.

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