Memphis: Facebook Negroids Threaten Mob Beatdown of Whites at the Mall

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 14, 2017

Probably, no one has told you.

But you’re in the middle of a race war.

You may want to take that information under advisement.


A group calling themselves the Memphis Flash Mob Cartel took to social media saying they’ll be at the Wolfchase Galleria mall beating down people because of the color of their skin.

It could be a hoax or it could really happen, but either way it’s getting a reaction.

Feelings of concern started to sweep social media.

“Very alarming to just be picking people out to do damage to them, that doesn’t make any sense,” Brenda Thompson said.

Thompson doesn’t understand why anyone would choose to cause more division in the city.

“I think it’s crazy like everything else in Memphis, does it mean white people? I don’t understand, I don’t know.”


It means white people.

And you both understand and know that.

What you probably actually don’t know is that it is not specifically Memphis where everything has gone crazy.

It’s everywhere.

We’ve blocked out the offensive word, but on social media, many read the title of the event clear as day. Although not sure if it’s real or not, many chose to share the post and let WREG and police know what could be brewing.

“Take everything seriously until you find out otherwise, until you find its a joke or whatever, take everything serious,” Thompson said.

The post was pulled down after a few hours, and it’s now impossible to find the group that created the event, but now there’s a new page up in retaliation of the old page, this one encouraging caucasians to fight back against the original beatdown coordinators.

“We are all humans, we should all get along, I just don’t let that type of stuff scare me,” Kelly Harris said.

For Harris, it’s unnecessary drama that only moves everyone further from unity, and she says she won’t let social media spoil her plans or her peace.

“I just can’t let myself worry about every little thing on social media. If you do that, you will drive yourself crazy.”

Good point.

But it’s too late for that.

We are already right smack dab in the middle of this thing.

And behold…

The Facebook blacks didn’t show.

But they showed up at other places, all across the country, as they do every single day.

These people are at war with us.

We need to acknowledge that this is happening, and then we need to talk about what we are going to do about it.

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