Moslem “Nazi-Killer” Update: Media Spinning Moslem Murderer as Hero Fighting Against Right-Wing Terrorism

Daily Stormer
June 8, 2017

No matter their crimes, Moslems can do no wrong in the eyes of the Jew media.

You might remember that two weeks back, a crazed Moslem murdered two nationalist who were members of the Atomwaffen division.

While we only covered the initial events, the mainstream media continued to publish reports on the ensuing developments.

And needless to say, they haven’t exactly been sympathetic to the Nazi victims.

Instead, they’re trying to make out the Moslem murderer to be some kind of hero for stopping an imaginary “right-wing terror attack.”

This is the new narrative.

Southern Poverty Law Center:

In a garage used by the tenants, authorities found an explosives cache, including a quantity of a chemical known as HMTD, potassium chlorate, potassium nitrate, nitro methane, hexamine and citric acid and one pound of ammonium nitrate. It was a key ingredient used by McVeigh in this deadly truck bomb attack on the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

The Tampa newspaper, quoting police sources, reported that Russell, a private first class in the Florida Army Guard, had obtained the explosive materials, but authorities haven’t disclosed if they know when or where they were purchased or stolen.

Authorities say there apparently was a plan to target infrastructure with the explosive materials, but they haven’t disclosed specific intended targets, nor have they said if the suspects’ and victims’ computers and cell phone records have turned up leads.

In order to push this non-sense narrative, they have to completely ignore the reality that the quantity of chemicals found were minuscule, and couldn’t have been used to blow up anything much larger than a watermelon.

More importantly, they ignore the face that Brandon Russell had perfectly legitimate (if not necessarily legal) reasons for having the chemicals and radioactive materials in his appartment.

Tampa Bay Times:

Russell was described as a smart young man with a keen interest in science.

“There are YouTube videos of him playing with homemade Tesla coils,” Fincher said. “He was one of those geniuses.”

The guy in the white t-shirt is Brandon Russel.

The author of the video has interesting things to say about his experience with Russell:

Russell was also fascinated with rocketry and talked about making one for a science project, Fincher said. Russell told investigators he possessed the bomb-making materials because of his academic interests, according to a federal criminal complaint.

Basically, he was a geek that was interested in science, was part of an engineering club and loved to experiment with electricity, chemicals, rocketry and radioactive materials.

So this notion that the Moslem killer was somehow “preventing a Nazi terrorist attack” is just made up from whole cloth in order to somehow spin a anti-Nazi narrative out of this clear-cut case of Jihadi aggression.

Devon, the Moslem, didn’t even start off with this story of stopping Nazi attacks. He started by telling the police he killed his room-mates because they were filthy kuffars. This “bombing” nonsense is just something he made up later (presumably after having been coached).

And anyway, it’s Nazi occult magic they should be afraid of, not home-made firecrackers.

Meanwhile, the Atomwaffen division has put out a public statement clarifying the events, free from media distortion. I’ll quote a part of it here, but you can click the link in order to get the full thing.

Official Atomwaffen Statement:

This is a statement from the Atomwaffen Division in regards to recent events concerning members of the Florida chapter and the race traitor Devon Arthurs. By now, you’ve heard the bullshit media stories, the “speculations”, the stupid internet comments. Most of them ranging from the completely retarded to the absolutely absurd. So, the purpose of this statement is to give the FACTS of what happened in Tampa. FACTS that you likely will not have reported to you by the media.

– Brandon and Devon had known each other for a time. (a few years)

– Brandon and Devon lived together.

– Brandon helped form the Atomwaffen Division. Devon joins.

– Devon later became involved with Islam and self-converted.

– Devon became more radicalized over time, this probably accelerated by the fact that he was disclosed as a race traitor and alienated by other members of the Atomwaffen Division for adopting a racially alien ideology.

– Brandon doesn’t want to abandon his friend of years, thus he remains Devon’s friend, roommate, and his involvement with Atomwaffen Division continues.

– Andrew and Jeremy, for reasons inconceivable to the rest of Atomwaffen Division, decide to move in with Brandon and Devon (probably due to reassurance from Brandon and their friendship with him, and them not knowing the extent of Devon’s Islamic fuckery).

– Devon finally shows his true colors as a race traitor and a true Islamic believer and murders both Andrew and Jeremy in cold blood when the two discover that Devon had plans to murder certain members of the Atomwaffen Division. Yes, Devon had plans to kill other members of the Atomwaffen Division as well. His plan being exposed by Andrew and Jeremy lead to Devon panicking and forced him to prematurely carry out his treasonous plans. Other ways of carrying out these plans included Devon attending a planned summer visit to the firing range with his “comrades” in Atomwaffen Division and subsequently turning the guns on them, as well as blowing up a planned meeting of Atomwaffen Division members in Detroit later this year. Andrew and Jeremy found out about this, tried to sit him down as a friend and confront him about it, and were murdered because of it when Devon panicked.

Atomwaffen Division has several hundred members and is based on local chapters (hence “Join your local Nazis!” on the flyers), meaning that each chapter tends to keep to itself without a central leadership. As you can see, certain members of the Florida chapter exercised a seriously poor judgment when they tolerated the presence of not only a muslim, whose Islamic ideas are completely to the contrary of our own, but an unhinged psychopath who took the lives of two people that he himself had once called his friends. And now the motherfucker in question, Devon Arthurs, is currently in police custody and is telling lies about Brandon, and the Atomwaffen Division in general. Brandon is now in federal custody and as of yet cannot say a word to defend himself while the media speculates and distorts the facts per usual.

And thus, the Atomwaffen Division will continue operations. In fact, they’ve already hit another college and made a great video about it:

This is the same place that’s currently besieged by Black animals trying to prevent White people from coming to study for a “week of absence.”

The boys haven’t lost their touch.

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