Moslems Try to Reconquer Cathedral in Spain, Authorities and UN Helping Them

Daily Stormer
June 20, 2017

Originally a Visigothic Christian Church built in the 7th century, the building was demolished and turned into a mosque when the ragheads invaded. After over 500 years, it was taken back by the Spaniards and converted into a Catholic Cathedral.

Since the year 2000 Moslems have been trying to convince the Vatican to turn it into a “shared worship space.”


Muslim groups in Spain are campaigning to turn a Catholic cathedral which has operated for more than 800 years into a “shared worship space”.

Campaigners in Cordoba, southern Spain, argue that the religious site should be shared between Islam and Christianity – and have been backed up by local authorities.

Their claim stems from the fact that the building was a mosque from the 8th to 13th century, the period during which time the Islamic Umayyad caliphate conquered and ruled over large chunks of Spain.

Traitors… Traitors everywhere. Their ancestors fought for centuries against the hordes of the schizophrenic pedophile Mohamed (dog shit be upon him), and now some faggot politicians are willing to spit on their graves just to be nice to invaders.

An early Christian church was knocked down to make way for the mosque.

This in turn was retaken in the 1200s and converted into a Roman Catholic cathedral, which involved structural and cosmetic changes.

Since 2000, Cordoba’s Muslim population have petitioned the local government, asking for the site to be turned into a “shared worship space”.

In 2010 a fight broke out between security guards and Muslim tourists when the visitors started a round of Islamic prayers, which is banned under cathedral rules.

Muh religion of peace.

Look goyim, the anime Moslem is against terrorism, therefore open borders

In 2013, a group called Platform for the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba handed a petition of 35,000 signatures to the government, calling for the building to be repossessed.

In 2014 UNESCO, controversially, officially started calling the building “The Great Mosque of Cordoba”.

Hey look, another (((globalist))) institution doing their best to destroy Europe. Who would’ve thought it possible? BTW, UNESCO is currently lead by a communist woman, daughter of an apparatchik in the Bulgarian communist party.

Most recently, the left-wing local authority in Cordoba issued a report claiming that the church does not actually own the building – potentially paving the way to reposession.

The Bishop of Cordoba, Demetrio Fernandez Gonzalez, told the Wall Street Journal that though he thought state repossession “would be impossible”, and that he had already secured the support of the Pope should a legal battle ensue.

Seems the Catholic Church draws the line at cucking when real-estate is concerned… Too bad they still support the invasion of Europe by people(I’m using the term loosely) who would take over ever single one of their churches and kill every single one of their priests.

Ragheads did things like this in Europe for centuries. Are we all insane?

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