National Socialist Flag Causes Spontaneous Outburst of Mass Hysteria in Norway

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017

Sometimes you stumble upon a picture that encapsulates a perfect moment, this is one of them.

Consider the flag above. It’s just hanging there, swaying gently in the breeze some thirty feet off the ground, not really doing anything, just going to school and trying to get its seams together.

A police van arrives at the elementary school with sirens blasting, doing 100 – 120 mph at the very least. It’s been five minutes since they came in to the police office and read the report of the outrageous hate crime that has taken place, so time is of the essence.

As it pulls up to the pole, an officer bursts out from the passenger side door with a camera, making sure to get a panorama picture of the heinous crime. Thus captured, the officers in question proceed to suit up in full forensic gear before lowering the flag and carefully wrapping it into a large paper bag for subsequent DNA analysis at the lab.


Afterwards, the police issues the following statement to the media:

This is unacceptable and there was no doubt this was going to be removed. There will be an investigation to find out who is behind this.

This is the same police that is no longer willing to pursue drug dealers and child murderers due to a lack of funding and manpower.

Although the age of the perpetrators has yet to be established, I cannot help but attribute this act of glorious defiance to the budding Generation Zyklon, who are assuredly preparing the world for a truly progressive future.

Take some time to contemplate the power which society has placed in your hands. To combat the hoisting of a piece of aesthetic cloth, society is willing to waste hundreds of man-hours, tens of thousands of dollars and create several large newspaper articles. They’re mortified of the explosive power that our windmills of friendship represent.

To find out what really threatens the status quo, find out what causes the maximum amount of butthurt with the least amount of effort.

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