Official Stormer Report on Pikeville: An Historic Day of Unity and Action

Benjamin Garland
Daily Stormer
May 2, 2017

Pikeville is a pretty long haul for me, but after a bit of nudging from the Daily Stormer staff, I decided to make the trip anyway. It ended up being worth every minute.

I arrived at my hotel early Friday morning, in a seemingly all White Kentucky town, and was treated to some good old Southern hospitality by the locals.

The event didn’t officially start until later that evening.

At 5:30, many of us met at a Walmart, and then were led to camp from there at about 6:00. Keeping a convey of a few dozen cars intact on the way out of the parking lot of what appeared to be the busiest Walmart on the planet was a tricky endeavor, but we managed to pull it off with little incident.

After driving down many winding roads deep into Appalachia, past a lot of beautiful scenery and friendly White faces, we finally arrived at our destination.

Immediately Heimbach called over the “lΓΌgenpresse” with a bullhorn and laid down the law, which was pretty amusing.

The lΓΌgenpresse consisted, from what I could tell, of about half a dozen or so women, and one camera guy. All of them seemed to have the same shit-eating grin on their face, no doubt thinking of all the good goy points they were going to get from their liberal friends later once they wrote their hit pieces.

Apparently two of the women were French, and were shooting some sort of documentary, which I found vaguely interesting.

Right off the bat I met a few Stormers from various Book Clubs, and ended up hanging out with them for much of the time.

They had come to Pikeville from the furthest reaches of the country to get in on the action.

(If anyone reading this hasn’t joined a Book Club yet, you need to do that immediately.)

@Robertley from the Seattle Book Club

A little while later we had dinner, and then once everything was set up and it was dark out, the opening speeches began.

Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement was up first. His speech was very inspiring, and was mainly about how this event marks a very historic moment in our struggle.

After so many years of all the different factions of the movement bickering and fighting with each other while our enemies rub their hands together with glee, all serious White nationalist organizations, no matter their particular religious or political beliefs, are now finally marching in lockstep toward our common goal of saving our White race and White Western civilization.

There were people in attendance from the National Socialist Movement, the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Daily Stormer, The Right Stuff, The League of the South, White Lives Matter, America First Party, Vanguard America, and innumerable others.

There was nothing but camaraderie among everybody there. The very idea of fighting against each other, instead of against the enemy, is unthinkable at this point. Those who want to constantly “punch right” are going to be pushed aside from now on, I believe, while the rest of us, who are serious about this struggle, will continue to rise as one unified force.

Matt Heimbach gave a great speech next, and he was followed by many others. Hopefully they will all be available online sometime soon.

One highlight of the night was an off-the-cuff speech by Christopher Cantwell, which he gave after Heimbach unexpectedly called him to the podium.

Cantwell, who is a genuinely friendly guy despite his sometimes brash radio persona, briefly recounted his ideological journey from basic bitch libertarian to hardcore race realist, giving everyone a few big laughs along the way.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the speeches, and I think everyone else did as well.

When that was through we called it a night, to reconvene early the next day. Some people camped out, some slept in their car, and others, such as myself, went back to their hotels.

Commander Jeff Schoep – National Socialist Movement

Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott – Traditionalist Worker’s Party

Mike Enoch – The Right Stuff

Christopher Cantwell – Radical Agenda

Sacco Vandal – The War Room

The next day, of course, was Saturday, the day of the rally.

Prior to leaving camp, Heimbach gave a second speech, this time on National Socialism. It was the most clear and concise summation of that topic I think I have ever heard.

He explained how the core of National Socialist ideology is not determined by any specific time and place – such as Germany in the 1930s – but rather is timeless, and is based upon science and the immutable laws of nature; that it is neither left nor right politically, but instead synthesizes the best elements of them both based on the sole criterion of what is best for the nation as a whole.

He contrasted this to the reigning ideologies of egalitarianism, multiculturalism, and liberal democracy, which are all inherently anti-White and built upon lies, and only serve to breakdown society into countless competing factions that are almost all eternally at one another’s throats.

I believe this will be a very redpilling speech for a lot of people in the future after it is made available online, and I commend Heimbach for a job well done.

Shortly after Heimbach’s speech, there was a quick workshop by the leader of Vanguard America, and then I jumped in the car with @WisconsinGoy1488 and @Mad_Max_Resist from the Wisconsin Book Club, and we all headed out for Pikeville in a convoy.

There were antifa everywhere as we rolled into town, but the street had already been sectioned off where the actual demonstration was to take place. Antifa were barricaded on one side of the street, and we on the other, with the media and police in between us.

The scene was quite comical. On /ourside/ you had a crowd of battle ready, testosterone-laden men dressed in all black, all of whom had spent virtually every waking moment of the proceeding days fantasizing about getting the opportunity to kick commie teeth in, and on the other side you had a rainbow-colored gaggle of misfits, degenerates, potheads, queers, Jews, lesbians, cucks and other such filth, jumping around screeching like a bunch of rabid monkeys.

As soon as they saw their boogeyman Matt Heimbach they began cursing his name and having literal conniptions, only to be drowned out by chants of β€œHail Heimbach!”

When they sang songs about punching us, they were met with laughs and β€œtake a shower!”

They called us β€œNazis,” we called them β€œcucks!”

This was fitting because if you’re not a Nazi, you are indeed a cuck, by definition.

And who wants to be a cuck?

I heard one guy tell a cop “psst, hey, let those gates down, we’ll take care of them for you.” The cop replied by rolling his eyes and saying β€œyeah….we know.”

If the gates were actually let down, and the cops did stand aside, I imagine this horde of scum, despite all of their tough talk, would’ve froze like deer in headlights, knowing full well what would happen if they actually went on the attack. It would’ve been an AIDS-infested bloodbath.

The only people these subhumans generally have the courage to attack are innocent bystanders, old people, women, or those they have outnumbered by at least 10 to 1.

Antifa central command actually had to explicitly encourage them not to attack ordinary citizens or vandalize local businesses this time, as Commander Schoep pointed out in his opening speech.

It’s Going Down:

We ask that folks remember that the citizens of Pikeville are not the enemy. We are asking people to come to help defend the area, not attack it.

After Schoep, there were many other excellent speeches, including ones from Heimbach, Mike Enoch, Michael Hill, and Sacco Vandal.

Here are a few clips.

My $88 camera – or any camera for that matter – could never capture the energy of actually being there in person, but I think the footage came out ok.

Antifa like to make cute little banners with slogans such as “NO HATE IN THIS TOWN” and “NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE.”

Unfortunately for them, they are sadly mistaken. They should go tell that to the local guy who drove past my car on his motorcycle on the way out, giving us a roman salute and an ear to ear smile, or to the dozens upon dozens of others who honked or waved or shouted in approval as our 33 car convey descended upon downtown Pikeville.

The rally ended at about 5pm. When we were leaving it was pointed out to me that there were what looked like snipers in the windows of the buildings above us. Apparently the police were ready in case SHTF.

I was also made aware that it was Pikeville’s prom night. I thought if that’s true, I bet the kids in this town will still be telling their grandchildren 50 years from now about howΒ the Nazis came to town on the night of their senior prom.

Unfortunately, I had to leave shortly after the rally because I had a long trip home, so I missed the after party. Paddy Tarleton was scheduled to play a live show, and I was bummed about missing that as well.

If you don’t know who Paddy Tarleton is, you need to check him out. He’s like the Bob Dylan of our movement, except he’s also like the opposite of Bob Dylan, because he’s not a Jew and he actually has talent.

Paddy Tarleton

A lot of hard work goes into planning and executing such an event, and I wholeheartedly thank all of the dedicated nationalists who spent all of the time and effort it took to make it happen.

It was an exhilarating experience. All of us who were there felt like we were a part of history, and that from this point forward we will carve our own path, and at the end of it will be the survival of our people.

To all of you reading this who couldn’t make it this time, there will be plenty more events like it in the future, and they will be bigger and better every time. But they can only get bigger and better if you show up.

There are 100s of thousands of people in the Alt-Right, by any conservative estimate.

We’ll never achieve our goals without getting out into the streets in large numbers. Only then will we be able to really win the hearts and minds of our people, by loudly making it known that we are the only ones left who care about them; the only ones who are really out there fighting for their interests, while every layer of our current system – the media, the government, academia, the political parties – all only echo with hatred and disdain for them, and indeed are actively working day and night to see their demise.

To all of the antifa: I would recommend suicide. Just kill yourselves. It’s the only way to save yourself from the agony of having to stand there helpless while you are being crushed under the jackboot of our resurgent White Nationalism, which is rising like a phoenix from the ashes of our decaying civilization in America, and all around the Western world.

But then again, I don’t care whether you live or die, and nobody else does either.

The amount of media attention we got out of this was incredible. People around the country – around the world, even – are no doubt still murmuring about our demonstration, days later. All it took was 120 or so men with the guts and the motivation to throw caution to the wind and get out there and get in the face of our enemy.

There may have been some shock tactics, sure. But our presence was made known.

We’re here, and we’re not going away. Not until our people are free.

Eventually, I believe, we will be able to have our own Woodstock-tier event, and a million or more young White people who are fed up with having been stepped on and dragged through the mud for so long will be able to come and participate in our revolutionary struggle as one.

Then nobody will be able to stop us.

This Pikeville rally, and other recent events such as the Northwest Forum, the Atlanta Forum, TRStlemania, the Berkeley Beatdown, and Richard Spencer’s speeches at Auburn and Texas A&M, are only just the beginning.

2016 was the year we officially took over the internet.

2017 will be remembered as the year we began taking back our streets.

Hail Victory.

[Note: The original article stated that activists from Iron March were present at the rally, but after verification it seems that that was inaccurate, so the listing was mended.]

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