Pikeville Conference Coming Soon: Registration Now Available

Matthew Heimbach
Daily Stormer

April 24, 2017

We are winning this war. Around America and the entire European world, we see that nationalism is on the rise, and young men are taking to the streets to fight for their people. No longer will the Jewish minions and their lying media hacks be allowed to dominate the public sphere; our time is now. There is no option to sit on the sidelines any longer, we must push forward in order to secure the future we so desperately desire for our families.

The upcoming event in Pikeville, Kentucky on April 28th and 29th is shaping up to be one for the history books. This event is polarizing the region, in a way that shows that nationalists are the only voices for the common White man, woman, and child.

On one side, we have nationalists from the Traditionalist Worker Party, the League of the South, Vanguard America, the National Socialist Movement, Daily Stormer Book Clubs, and several other nationalist organizations.

On the other, we have both sides of the political aisle and the Jewish minions coming out in full force to oppose our mission to unify our movement and help White families in need.

This also will be the closest weekend to May Day, a worker’s holiday that was famously a State Holiday in NSDAP Germany. The theme of the event will be supporting the importance of labor, honoring the sacrifices of the working class, and promoting true economic and social justice through National Socialist policies for all members of our National Community.

For too long the radical Left has hijacked the fight of the working class, while simultaneously working to undermine them at every turn with Jewish supported policies such as Free Trade, Open Borders, and our Jewish controlled financial system. We are taking back the fight for working families and building a better future and National Community for our children.

Pikeville is our movement drawing a line in the sand, telling our enemies that they no longer shall be allowed to attack our people. We are standing up as one, and Pikeville shall go down in history as an important event on our march to victory as a people here in North america.

To attend the event, shoot us an email at contact@tradworker.org to get on the email list for event details and touch base with us. Folks can pay cash at the door, or Bitcoin, for the conference and festivities.

In order to get the address for the conference, you must be pre-registered no later than two days before the event, this will allow us to ensure that we have enough food, chairs and educational materials for all in attendance.

If you’re concerned about anonymity, you may use a pseudonym, but please be sure to use a valid email, because event information will be emailed to all participants. The conference location will have ample room for rustic camping, but any hotels within the Pikeville area should work just fine for those that prefer a few more creature comforts.

The Jewish minions are assembling, will you take a stand against them?

The conference will hold sessions on National Socialist philosophy, activism techniques, drill and ceremony for public events, self defense, and other exciting classes. We aim to be able to bring together the best minds of our movement to help share our skills with one another, to make a more effective and professional movement.

We will also be grilling outdoors and having a live music portion of the evening on Friday, so anyone with musical talent, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss performing.

Professionalization in the model of Golden Dawn, the Nordic Resistance Movement, and other European organizations is the next step for White Nationalism in America, and we plan to take that step together.

After an exciting evening on Friday the 28th and a busy morning (starting at 9am sharp) on the 29th, we will be headed into Pikeville from the conference area; so be sure to plan to be on time for all of the events. 

After the public event, Paddy Tarleton will be performing a set of his nationalist folk music. So plan for a full weekend!

A note on dress code: For the public portion of our event and the conference, we are requesting that attendees come dressed in black pants, a black work shirt (for men), and black or dark shoes or boots. A uniform presentation is important to promote a sense of solidarity among our ranks, and a unified front towards the community and those who oppose us. Some personal exceptions may be accepted, but they must be raised before the event.

With all of the fun and festivities it is also important to remember what we are up against. Dr. Joseph Goebbels once wrote “If someone is attacked by the Jews, that is a sure sign of his virtue. He who is not persecuted by the Jews, or who is praised by them, is useless and dangerous.” In the American context, the Jews like to hide behind their various minions whenever possible: the degenerate left and the their “cuckservative” controlled opposition.

The System is agitating all of its forces against us, and when the forces of Organized Jewry are set on the warpath, it means that you are onto something.

This also should encourage anyone who is on the fence about coming to Pikeville, to realize that not just local political hacks, but the entire political Establishment of Kentucky and even Washington D.C is attacking us. To take a stand in Pikeville is to take a stand against everything we hate, and to stand up for everything we love.

Our upcoming event in Pikeville will bring nationalists together to show that we are the only ones who truly have a vested interested in the future of the communities and families of East Kentucky. While we chose Pikeville in part because of local support, we’re confident that we’re developing a track record of humble service and support for working families which can prove that the Beltway and Frankfort insiders are the ones who should be unanimously denounced.

I look forward to seeing you all there, and please feel free to forward any questions to contact@tradworker.org

Hail Victory!

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