PSA: Stop “Debating” and Responding to People Who Have No Purpose

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 19, 2017

This is a message mainly for content creators and would be content creators. But others should follow the advice as well.

It’s a PSA I want to make sure everyone sees, and hopefully listens to.

There are a number of people who leech on the pro-white movement by creating drama in order to fulfill a personal psychological desire for attention. Some of them may or may not be employed for the purpose of creating problems.

Whatever their nature is is irrelevant. A group of people exists for the sole purpose of creating confusion and dissension in pro-white movement.

They are easy to spot. They gossip and make up drama, rather than focusing on actual issues. Everyone knows this type of person.

I don’t ever attack anyone in the pro-white movement (the mods are also instructed to delete any drama-related threads from the forum), nor do I engage in arguments with people who try to provoke me into arguments. This needs to become policy, across the board.

The established rule of “do not attack other white activists” should be extended to “do not engage people who exist simply to attack other white activists.”

You are not going to win an argument with these people. Their entire purpose is to drain energy, so as soon as you engage them, you’ve already lost, because you’ve given energy. These people take positions that don’t make sense, and they will change their stated logic in the middle of a discussion without hesitation. Because the purpose of the engagement is not to prove a point beyond that they can take energy away from you.

Just stop doing this.

The internet is the great equalizer. If someone has an argument or idea, they can present it the same way we do on this site. There is nothing stopping people from saying what they want to say. If they try to suck you into something with them, they are doing it for some other reason than because they somehow do not have a voice to make their own statements.

Don’t get into twitter arguments with people who think the world is flat.

Certainly don’t get into a YouTube debate.

We know what needs to be done and what we are doing is working and we just need to keep doing it.

We have a plan, which I think most of you understand at this point.

All we need to do is move forward.

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