Red Ice Radio: Anne Marie Waters – Sharia Watch

Henrik Palmgren
Red Ice
April 13, 2017

Anne Marie Waters is an English political activist and director of Sharia Watch UK. A former UKIP candidate, she later launched Pegida UK in conjunction with activist Tommy Robinson and politician Paul Weston.

Anne joins us for a show on Sharia Law, Islam, and jihadism. To begin, Anne tells us about Sharia Watch. We learn that she created the organization after looking deeper into Islamic scripture – an exercise most European politicians shy away from. Next, we consider whether or not Islam is, in fact, a religion of peace. Anne cites the conditions in Islamic theocracies as evidence that this claim is nonsense. We then ponder how people of European heritage would fare if the West were to become majority Muslim. Our show covers many more topics, including Sharia courts, terrorism, multiculturalism, and Leftist propaganda.


Notable Replies

  1. Poor woymenz.

  2. She is going to love White ISIS.

  3. Kosher and a feminist, check her Twitter page out.
    Throw yourself into the Thames or get in the kitchen where you belong you uppity bitch. People like this exist only to push for war after Zionist war after Zionist war which means REFUGEES. Absolute scum.

  4. This shit is really annoying, there is no point in talking about Sharia Law. Why isn't she talking about British racial insightment laws which is what makes the invasion and crime of these Muslims possible? Are people in the UK really so retarded to be gawking at "sharia" while ignoring the fact that this is the government doing this?

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