Regarding Andrew Anglin’s Height

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2017


I don’t respond when people troll me. Partially because responding to being trolled is gay, but mostly because it’s funny. Most of the negative shit on forums about me is just giving me shit for keks. Saying I look like a nigger, calling me a gook-fucking pedophile (SPLC now using this meme, lel), saying I’m against feminism because I can’t get laid, claiming that I use old memes or normie memes non-ironically because I don’t understand meme science, etc. – it’s just people seeing if they can get me rustled, because rustling people up on the internet is funny.

It’s endearing that people put so much time into it.

The most personally meaningful to me was when it was proven I died fighting for Russia in Eastern Ukraine and am now a clone (pic here, not gore, but is a dead body).

The reason this is so meaningful to me is that I am still not sure it isn’t true, nor would I ever be able to prove that. I’m pretty sure I never had that shitty tattoo, but then, the new memories wouldn’t include that, so… well, if I did die and am now a clone, there’s nothing really that I can do about it, so I have decided to stop thinking about it.

Greatest of all is when SENPAI Ben Garrison actually NOTICED ME.

LOL the MAN himself actually trolled me by pretending to be AGAINST hate speech!

Btw, Ben and I are on good terms now and we’re in discussions about him designing our next run of t-shirts.

The only people who are genuinely vicious with me are women, and that is because they desire to copulate with me and are trying to get my attention. Sorry ladies – I do not copulate with women from the internets. Also, not sorry.

(NOTE: There is also a group of autistic people who take trolling seriously, and they are extremely vicious. But you know – tistics gonna tism.)


Claiming I’m a midget is also funny. Especially given my entire internet persona. The image of me as a midget is very lol.

BUT it’s also like, people actually think I’m a midget, due to a photoshopped picture of my driver’s license. This doesn’t get to me, but I can see how it would skew people’s impression of what I’m saying.

I mean, this is apparently important to people – it’s the third most Googled thing about me.

andrew anglin's height google autofill

People just be all like “I ain’t readin no internet politics memes from no muffugguh be a midget.”

Anyway, this has been on the internet forever.

Here’s the original.

Andrew Anglin's Height

I’m 5’7″ (170cm). Also, 140 is wrong, I think. Picture is from like 2011. Right now I weigh 148, but I’m in better shape.

As far as why I posted that picture in the first place – I don’t remember. I think it was because someone was saying I was lying about my name, and was a kike.

Anyhow, just wanted to clear that up.

IMPORTANT: I want to note that while these memes about me are just trolling for lols, Paul Town actually IS an Asian pedophile.

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