Serbia Gasses Rape Invaders with Insecticide!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2017

Not since Zyklon B was used to gas trillions of kikes in fake shower rooms have we seen such a brutal gassing!

It looks like the Serbs have had enough of these rape invaders. Not only did they just evict over 1,000 desert savages from a makeshift camp in Belgrade, but they gassed them with insecticide for good measure!


Serbian authorities have evicted some 1,200 refugees from a makeshift camp in derelict barracks in central Belgrade, leaving several hundred – including unaccompanied children – unaccounted for.

Migrants living in the abandoned structure were told to leave early on Thursday morning by officials from the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration to allow for the building’s immediate demolition.

Video footage from Wednesday, the day before the evacuation, also shows what looks like an official in protective workwear and face mask spraying what volunteers in the Serbian capital said was toxic insecticide within the barracks while refugees and their belongings were still inside.

“It was just like an invasion of privacy and a total disregard of their dignity,” a volunteer doctor said. “It was done with no regard to their humanity at all. They just came into everybody’s rooms and started spraying what could have been a dangerous toxic substance. They just sprayed it over what little belongings they have, it was scary and rude and undignified.”

Something tells me that the Serbs couldn’t give a damn about the privacy or dignity of these people. These individuals did not end up in Serbia by fleeing war. If they were really fleeing the war in Syria, they could have stayed in Turkey where there is no war. They’ve come to Europe to try and get free stuff from the White man.

A representative from the Serbian government is shown here celebrating after the successful gassing operation.

Having had to deal with the Albanians and the situation in Kosovo for many years, the Serbs have much less of a tolerance for these desert monkeys. None of us should have sympathy for groups of people who are trying to take advantage of our good will.

Perhaps the Serb technique of gassing these invaders with insecticide is something that should be conducted throughout Europe. It seems to have been very effective! Once again, we see an Eastern European nation leading the way on this critical issue!

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