Shakespeare in the Park Protest: Is It a Good Idea to Call Left-Wing Enemies “Nazis”?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017

There is a free liberal arts program in New York City called “Shakespeare in the Park.”


Shakespeare in the Park (or Free Shakespeare in the Park) is a theatrical program that stages productions of Shakespearean plays at the Delacorte Theater, an open-air theater in New York City’s Central Park. The theater and the productions are managed by the Public Theater and tickets are distributed free of charge on the day of the performance. Originally branded as the New York Shakespeare Festival (NYSF) under the direction of Joseph Papp, the institution was renamed in 2002 as part of a larger reorganization by the Public Theater.

On the surface, this is a nice thing. I like Shakespeare, I like cultural events, I like when people get together to do free cultural events for the public at large.

All of those things are very nice, and things that should make you proud to have a society that does them.

But of course, like everything in our society, this is being tainted by that most diabolical of enemies, intent on putting the “liberal” in “liberal arts.”

With this year’s program, which is sponsored by both the New York Times and CNN, the company has chosen to do Shakespeare’s 1599 play “Julius Caesar,” with the title character being made into a parody of President Donald Trump. Of course, in the third act, Cassius and Brutus, friends of Caesar, engage in a conspiracy to murder him, ostensibly to free Rome from a perceived tyranny.

I have no idea what the legality of this would be if it were any other President, but as of right now, we have established a precedent that everyone from Snoop Dogg to Kathy Griffin is allowed, legally, to call for the murder of the President under the guise of “artistic expression.” So, apparently, they are allowed to do this.

However, it is not surprising that Trump-supporters are upset about what – correctly or incorrectly – can be construed as a veiled call for the assassination of the President.

Enter Alt-Lite Protesters, Stage Left

The Rebel Media this week decided to protest the event on Friday, by disrupting it.

You can take this as you will, but it is absolutely a publicity stunt by The Rebel Media, which is owned by the Jew Ezra Levant, to garner mainstream media attention to his operation.

Laura Loomer, a 24-year-old Jewish thot employed by the rebellious Jew Levant, played the lead role in his own little stage play, rushing up on stage to scream.

Laura Loomer, overweight Jewish Rebel Media employee

Before being dragged off by security, she yelled “stop leftist violence.”

As a protest, this is fair enough, especially in light of the recent assassination attempt (still may turn out to be a successful assassination) on Steve Scalise by an SPLC inspired gunman.

What got me was the Loomer backup, Jack Posobiec, also an employee of Ezra Levant, who remained in the audience and while she was being dragged off stage, screamed at the crowd that they were “Joseph Goebbels” and “all Nazis.”

“Goebbels would be proud!! You’re a Nazi crowd!” Jack screamed, before he was also carried out by security. As he was dragged off, he repeatedly yelled “Goebbels would be proud.”

Why This is Stupid

As the reader is aware, I am an unapologetic fan of Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP.

I also have argued – and have never seen a valid counter-argument – that the supposed Holocaust is at the foundation of the modern liberal system, and that we would do very well to attack this absurd myth.

I would go into my case in detail here, as I have done it so much elsewhere, but the entire concept that “white people cannot have their own nations” is based on the – usually implicit, but more and more often explicit – assumption that if whites are allowed to have their own nations, they will begin gassing Jews.

The Holocaust is an extremely easy target, and I believe that in debunking it, the basis for the entire liberal system could be brought down.

But let’s put all that aside for a second.

Hitler is the epitome of the right wing. He is the ultimate end of any right-wing, populist ideology. This is simply a fact, which I don’t think anyone on the right would really attempt to make a serious argument against. The argument instead is “yes, we are right wing, but we don’t want to go that far.”

The left has an analog to this in the Bolsheviks and the Trotskyites. The left does not attempt to argue that the Bolsheviks were not left-wing, but they do implicitly (rather than explicitly, in the way the right does), make it clear that they don’t want to go quite that far. They don’t want to burn down churches, they don’t want to round up the rich and hold mass public executions.

At the same time, however, I cannot ever imagine a leftist group protesting a right wing event and yelling “you are all Bolsheviks, Lenin would be proud.” In fact, the very suggestion of that is totally absurd.

Most leftists are not proud of the slaughters of the Bolsheviks, but they don’t go around talking about them.

Think of it: leftists showing up at a Trump rally and yelling “you’re all Bolsheviks.”

So, why then would a soft right wing group show up at a left wing event and accuse them of being akin to a far-right group?

In what universe does this make sense?

Well, I think it makes sense only in a universe where the right-wing is being organized by Jews.

Ezra Levant, head of The Rebel Media and the Jewish mastermind behind this protest.

Also, just on an even more practical level, the accusation does not make any literal sense, for a number of reasons.

For example:

  1. Joseph Goebbels was the government, he wasn’t staging propaganda plays calling for the assassination of the Leader, who was at the time his boss, Adolf Hitler.
  2. Joseph Goebbels was a dignified intellectual, and would not be at all proud of using Shakespeare as a tool to call for a political assassination. As an admirer of high culture, he would have been disgusted by this, viewing it as tacky and gross.

So on this level, the message simply becomes confusing.

Joesph Goebbels was a dignified man of letters, who never would have mocked Shakespeare in this way. Even if you believe he was pure evil, that point is not controversial. 

Also, “you’re a Nazi” as an insult has in itself become confusing, simply because it has been so overused, particularly by the left, to refer to anything they dislike.

Everyone on the right – especially Donald Trump, as of late – has been compared to the Nazis by the left. So, “I’m a Nazi? No you are a Nazi!” is boring and dumb. It is not something that is going to be intuitively understood by either side.

After being released from custody, Loomer and Posobiec gave a press conference explaining the event, which I would be amiss to not include here.

And in fact, I think that the argument they are presenting for the protest they staged is solid. The left is indeed normalizing political violence, and I believe that is absolutely a fair thing to protest.

Please note at 6:00 they reveal that they have not read and have no familiarity with the original play itself, which I think is somewhat embarrassing and not something I would admit on camera if I were them. They were not aware that the entire conspiracy takes turns stabbing Caesar. They noted that most of the people in this presentation who stabbed him were black, and took that as an opportunity for a few “Dems r the real racists” comments.

To Conclude

Though I am actually making an active attempt to be as objective as possible when analyzing the actions of the Alt-Lite – something that I maybe what not all that great at in the past – I have to be critical of this particular event they’ve staged.

I do not think the way the event was staged is likely to resonate with anyone. It appears to have been exclusively designed to bring media attention the Ezra Levant’s The Rebel Media.

And that is not something I can respect.

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