REAL NEWS: Studies Find That Racism Gives Blacks Dementia and Other Mental Problems

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

Those of you familiar with IQ statistics might have noticed that the average IQs of African-Americans and other Blacks are a little underwhelming compared to those of Whites and Asians.

Unsurprisingly, neo-Nazis use this data to propagate the message that Blacks are naturally dumb and need to be sterilized for the greater good.

However, new studies have discovered that mental problems among Blacks isn’t due to genetics, but the result of White racism and the poverty that it causes. In fact, the studies found that racism affects Blacks so severely that it literally gives them dementia.

Washington Post:

A new group of studies into racial disparities among people with Alzheimer’s disease suggests that social conditions, including the stress of poverty and racism, substantially raise the risks of dementia for African Americans.

In four separate studies, researchers found that conditions that affect blacks disproportionately compared with other groups — such as poor living conditions and stressful events such as the loss of a sibling, the divorce of one’s parents or chronic unemployment — have severe consequences for brain health later on.

One study by University of Wisconsin researchers found that stress literally takes years off a person’s life in terms of brain function — an average of four years for African Americans, compared with 1½ years for whites.

Another Wisconsin study showed that living in a disadvantaged neighborhood is associated with later decline in cognitive function and even the biomarkers linked to Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common form of dementia.

In the other two studies, researchers with Kaiser Permanente and the University of California at San Francisco found a higher degree of dementia risk for people born in states with high rates of infant mortality.

These lifelong effects of stress and disadvantage could be direct, perhaps in line with previous research showing that sustained stress can physically alter the brain. Or the impact could be the result of cascading effects, such as when a powerfully disruptive event affects a person’s early schooling and limits achievement later on.

These studies certainly help explain why the Black race, which once developed magnificent kingdoms like ancient Egypt, fell so far from grace once White people interfered with their progress.

After all, wouldn’t you also lose your will to build spaceships if you’re being forced to pick cotton at gunpoint?

The bottom line is that experiencing racism is stressful and degrading. It makes Blacks think less of themselves, discourages them from reaching their true potential and, over time, deteriorates their mind to such an extent that they forget how to invent the wheel.

An artist’s depiction of the Democratic Republic of the Congo before it fell to White racism.

Still not convinced that racism is the reason why most Blacks cannot pronounce “ask”?

Let’s approach the subject from a different perspective.

There is a phenomenon in nature called hundredth monkey effect, whereby new behaviors are spread rapidly among groups once a significant number of individuals within those groups embrace those behaviors.

If 100 monkeys in a group of 150 learn how to use a nutcracker to open walnuts, for example, then the remaining 50 monkeys will “magically” acquire the same skill despite never learning to use the nutcracker themselves.

Note: Bringing up hundredth monkey effect in this article does not, in any way, suggest a similarity between Blacks and monkeys.

While hundredth monkey effect is usually applied to positive behavioral developments, it can also apply to negative ones.

If 10 million Blacks out of a group of 15 million are repeatedly whipped and traumatized by White colonialists in South Africa, for example, then there’s a good chance that the remaining 5 million Blacks will, in time, share their mental deterioration and forget how to plant seeds.

Increase that proportion further to, say, 800 million Blacks abused out of a group of 1.2 billion, and now the entire global Black population has had its intelligence torn to shreds by the White man’s whip!

It almost makes you rethink abusing Blacks because of their “low IQs,” doesn’t it?

This African-American gentleman could have been a neurosurgeon had Whites not traumatized him with segregated drinking fountains.

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