The Bollards, They Do Nothing!

Lauritz Von Guildhausen
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

For a select few, getting brained by Super Mario’s Thwomp might become reality!

The Science is in. The anti-terror bollards that have been placed in major metropolitan areas around the world in order to stop trucks and other automobiles of peace are relatively useless, and in some cases downright dangerous.

For the more astute reader, bollards being erected in religion of peace prone areas like London, Paris, Stockholm and Melbourne should come as no surprise, as they represent the only concrete (pardon the pun) solution that impotent politicians have when dealing with radical extremist vehicles smashing into large crowds at high velocity.

However, studies from Australia are now showing how these bollards are inefficient at best, and may potentially increase the damage of a truck attack.

The Age:

A standard sedan travelling at 40km/h could push one of Melbourne’s new concrete bollards up to 30 metres (100ft), experts warn, raising concerns about their safety and effectiveness.

Melbourne City Council has installed 206 temporary bollards in 10 CBD locations as an urgent anti-terror measure to prevent vehicles ploughing into pedestrians.

University of Technology Sydney associate professor Douglas Tomkin, who drew up hostile-vehicle design guidelines with NSW Police’s counter-terrorism command, said that “in most circumstances we would not recommend unattached concrete blocks.

Those particular blocks, depending on where they are, they could indeed possibly be more dangerous. If they did get knocked by a heavy truck, they could go straight into pedestrians, really.

Dress them up all you’d like; these bollards are a disaster waiting to happen. Yes, even the LGBT ones. 

Spectator Australia:

This isn’t just some waffle or speculation on the part of experts. No. Their propositions have already been tested out in real life. The German television show Umschau drove a truck into similar concrete barriers and what did they find? The barriers were “close to useless” as in the test which was captured on video, the truck easily pushed the barriers aside.

And there we have it. If a heavy enough truck were to smash into these bollards at high enough speed, you could potentially produce a situation where not only do you have a large automobile trying to run you down, but you also have several 1-ton blocks of cement flying towards you at high velocity.

It’ll be like a real-life version of human bowling!

It’s becoming fairly obvious that the eyesore security measure has only been inserted as a way to reassure the general population.

Now bearing in mind that this security measure is about as useful as a fire extinguisher filled with napalm… How awesome would it be if we could play Thwomp in the next Super Smash Bros!?

Insert bollard pun here.

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