The Obsession with Links is Out of Control

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

So, there is a notable obsession these days among many persons on the internet of only linking to versions of webpages.

This has gotten out of control.

It was originally a leftist tactic used against the likes of the Daily Stormer (even though we don’t have ads), which has now become a big thing on worst reddit and best reddit (voat), as well as chans.

This is annoying because has blocked so many proxies. I’ve even been on public wifi and had that come up blocked as well after turning off the proxy. More than once that’s happened.

Basically, all this is doing is reducing the user’s security by forcing them to turn off their proxy to view the link.

Is this a conspiracy to get goyim to turn off their proxies?

I understand not wanting to give ad revenue to opposition websites, but just install adblock. Then you’re just using their bandwidth without giving them anything.

There is no reason to make everyone’s life more difficult in this manner, as well as cause them to potentially compromise their security by turning off their proxy. The amount of views you are giving these people with a link on reddit or best reddit is minuscule (srsly, HuffPo is not going to notice), and again, if you have adblock installed, it doesn’t even matter.

Lest I be accused of trying to… I don’t know what, I will say this: you can link to the Google cache, and it has the same effect.

The valid purpose of is to save pages (in particular tweets or bizarre posts on leftist sites) which may be deleted. That is the reason to use it. Using it to try to deprive leftist sites of clicks just causes unnecessary annoyances and potential security risks.

[NOTE: As commenter N4UK mentioned, is also useful for gaining access to articles that are behind a paywall; though that can usually be accomplished by opening an incognito tab.]

No one who is doing this already is going to stop doing it because I wrote this article, of course. But I just had to change proxies three times to open a link, and I am annoyed, so I am saying this. Because it’s obvious and no one else is bothering to say it.

Also, again, these people who are all freaked out about leftists getting clicks can just use Google cache. It does the same thing and they haven’t blocked trillions of IPs.

It’s time to get real, people.

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