Thoughts on Testosterone and Anabolic Steroids

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 17, 2017

On Tuesday, I published a post about women and male feminism, and said that men who don’t get this problem should take anabolic steroids.

To be clear, I was referring specifically to the men who keep whining (most of them non-posters on this site, but who read this site and comment about it elsewhere, or email me about it – there is a large group of these people, and I am also speaking to the non-involved audience, who is 99% of the readership) about “muh Aryan princesses” and “racially aware white women” and all of the rest of this horseshit. I was telling these men that they need to reflect on the fact that their thinking process is 100% emotional, and the fact that they are this emotional indicates that they have a hormonal problem.

I am not encouraging anabolic steroid use for normal guys who are not male feminists.

Male Hormonal Problems

Man people these days have hormonal problems, due to several factors:

  • Diet – Grains, estrogens in chicken and milk, beer, a lack of a significant amount of meat lowers testosterone. Veganism in particular wrecks the endocrine system, which is why you see vegans get so emotional whenever you question their religion.
  • Weight Issues – Men who are overweight naturally produce more estrogen and less testosterone. Being underweight can have a similar effect.
  • Xenoestrogens/Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment – Plastic and other petrochemicals contain synthetic estrogens which can be consumed orally or even absorbed through the skin.
  • Excessively Sedentary Lifestyle – Sitting and general inactivity can cause a drop in natural testosterone production.
  • Drug Use – Many drugs, including marijuana and amphetamines, totally wreck the hormone system (Thot Patrol leader Beardson recently debated a male feminist who was visibly on some type of amphetamine, and had an effeminate, neurotic way of speaking and moving, and rocked back and forth nervously). Many prescription drugs, particularly psychotropics, can do the same.
  • Prenatal Issues – If your mother ate a poor diet, drank alcohol or smoked, or used legal or illegal drugs during pregnancy, you probably have a a lot of issues to overcome as far as your hormonal system.
  • Infancy Issues – If your mother did not breastfeed you, or if she did breastfeed you part way and then used plastic bottles/nipples to feed you, permanent damage was done to your endocrine system. There are also questions as to whether certain vaccinations can effect the developing endocrine system, though this hasn’t been confirmed.

Increasing Testosterone

There are man natural ways to increase testosterone, which are effectively the inverse of the above, but which I will list anyway, just so we’re all clear.

  • Diet – Going more paleo. Stick to whole foods, cutting out gluten (and all grains, period), dairy, processed food of any kind and all sugars – save some limited fruit, particularly those natural to Europe – is a must. If you have to have sugar in your coffee (which I think is gay, btw), then use unrefined brown sugar, or try honey. Beer is a big one. Beer is effectively liquid estrogen – if you drink, stick to clear liquors as much as possible – your mates at the pub may call you a poof for drinking vodka and soda, but they’re the ones with the man-breasts. Eat real, fresh meat (as natural as possible) and try your best to avoid chicken. Beef and fish are optimal, with pork a distant third.
  • Optimizing Weight – Linked to the diet issue; if you are over or under weight, you need to fix that.
  • Avoiding Xenoestrogens – You should try your best to drink water not in a plastic bottle (though tap water is almost certain worse, as it has estrogen from birth control pills, which is even in the rain now). The best option is to get reverse-osmosis water from the grocery in one of the big blue bottles, which is a different form of plastic that does not leech xenoestrogens. Certainly do not eat hot food out of plastic, or drink coffee out of plastic. Also – and I know this is strange – try not to touch receipts at stores; there is an extremely high concentration of the xenoestrogen BPA in printed receipts (note that slimy sort of feeling they have when you touch them). I always refuse the receipt. Honestly, just generally touching any kind of soft plastic is a bad idea. Despite the fact that it will eventually get dropped and break, I do not use a plastic cover on my phone, because it’s in my hand a lot and I don’t want chemicals leeching into my pours.
  • Active Lifestyle – Increased physical activity naturally increases T levels in men. This goes for all physical activity, including the old in-out-in-out (in fact, especially that; if you do not have a wife or girlfriend, consider visiting a sex worker twice a month – if it is legal where you live, of course – the Daily Stormer does not endorse illegal activity of any kind). I am extremely against running, as the data is in, and it destroys your joints (honestly, it is shocking to me that people are still out there doing it; you can say “people are still smoking,” but no one argues smoking is healthy – these runners think they are doing something good). If you are over 30, however, you do need 15 straight minutes of cardio 3 times a week, and I recommend skipping rope. You can also do interval training, including sprints (30 seconds won’t destroy your joints), or the bike. Heavy weight lifting is the best. Five sets of 3-6 reps, the core compound lifts – bench (flat mostly, barbell or dumbbells), deadlift, squats, standing military press, dips (weighted if you can easily do 5 sets of 8 or more), pull-ups (weighted if you can easily do 5 sets of 8 or more).
  • Sedentarism – I’m sure many of you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. I do. Take regular breaks (every 90 minutes or so), stand up, walk around, do some stretches, even skip rope (if your situation allows it). If you work in a building at a computer, you might take five or ten minute breaks and just walk up and down the stairs (this could look like you were insane, but probably no one will notice what you’re doing, and if they do you can just explain yourself). I personally think that all office workers should have access to exercise facilities, and breaks to use them, to compensate for the excessive sitting (we really are not made to sit all day). Like, I think that should be a law. You can also look into standing desks, and use that part of the time. I am working on fitting one of those into my office now. But overall, you just have to take time out of your non-work hours to make up for the sedentary life by getting active.
  • Avoiding Drug Use – As we are Nazis, drug use is already highly frowned upon, as a rule. I know we have a fair amount of marijuana using readers (and yes, I get the “not that big of a deal” arguments), and often when I mention the way this effects testosterone levels, they will bring up someone like Joe Rogan who is in good shape and also a regular pot smoker. Well, he is an individual. Everyone has different bodies, and statistically speaking, most regular pot smokers have serious endocrine problems.

If you stick to these practices, your natural testosterone levels will raise.

Again, my suggestion of steroid use was for very extreme cases.

However, I will just give a few words on my thoughts on the topic.

Anabolic Steroids

I am not morally or ideologically opposed to the use of performance enhancing drugs. However, they do come with a number of very troubling side-effects for a significant percentage of people that use them.

I have researched the topic quite a bit, as it is interesting to me personally, and I am also friends with several people who enjoy using them. I have never used them myself. I have considered it, but as my personal sport is boxing, I do believe they would do much for me, as I am focused on lean-muscle mass rather than gaining huge muscle. I weigh less now that I have in most of my time training, and feel better and am performing better at the boxing club (I say “now” in a relative sense – the last couple months I’ve been so swamped I have been lucky to get to the weight gym twice a week).

However, I do believe I will probably go on some kind of testosterone replacement therapy as I approach forty, but that’s a while off (I’m 32 now). Still, I’ve read a lot.

So for me, the potential side-effects outweigh whatever benefits I could get from doing a “cycle” of gear. For those who don’t know, people generally take the drugs in 4-8 week periods, then go off them and do recovery for a period, then go back on.

These side-effects (and my own thoughts on them) include:

  • Testicular shrinkage – Despite urban myths, your actual penis won’t shrink, but your balls certainly will – this is due to the body ceasing production of natural testosterone, believing it doesn’t need to because it’s getting it through an injection into your butt. This happens to almost everyone, but also goes away from everyone after the cycle. But still, looking down and seeing tiny balls would be an uncomfortable thing, in my opinion. Testicular shrinkage is the only side effect that everyone (or at least the overwhelming majority) of users experience.
  • Hair loss – The cause of male pattern baldness is DHT, a form of testosterone, so when you are injecting it, if you have a tendency toward MPB, it can intensify that. I have had a receding hairline since I was 19 (though it totally stopped receding after the first 6 month period, and I’ve still got a full head of hair, aside from the power-v). I know I shave my head anyway, but still, I mean, I only use a zero, so you can still see the hair on the head.
  • Gynecomastia – Gyno is the development of breast tissue on men. When you are injecting testosterone, your body feels a need to raise estrogen levels to compete with the raised testosterone, and this can cause breasts tissue to develop. Generally, you take an estrogen blocker while on testosterone and during the PST (post-cycle therapy) which will prevent this in post people. But it is possible to end up with boobies that can only be removed through surgery.
  • Acne – Not a huge deal, and it goes away, but we’ve all seen these guys at the gym with zits so big they’re definitely going to leave scars.
  • Mood Swings and Aggression – “Roid rage” is a cliched side effect, but is a real thing. I’ve not had mood problems at all as an adult but then I think back to my teenage years when I did, as well all do (because of the injection of testosterone you’re getting naturally during that period of development) and this seems very unpleasant.
  • Puffy Balloon Face – It’s caused by water retention. Ain’t nobody wants that. It of course goes away, but who wants to walk around looking like a blowfish?
  • Potential Weird Psycho-Sexual Side Effects – I have lived in South East Asia, where there are a high concentration of trannies, and the white men most interested in them are big steroid guys. Also, Charlie Sheen was a huge steroid user (his father claimed that his meltdown in 2006, most memorable for his awesome appearance on the Alex Jones show, was due to the steroid use rather than crack or any of the other drugs he’d been using. It later came out that Charlie contracted HIV during this period, due to having gay sex.
  • Potential Unknown Long-Term EffectsSteve Sailer once wrote an article that suggested that Bruce Jenner’s “transformation” into a tranny could have been due to his (presumed) use of anabolic steroids in the 1970s. To my knowledge, he’s the only one that’s written about this, because it is obviously very politically incorrect. But the fact is, these drugs only went into wide use in the 70s, and we don’t know what the long term effects are, really at all, because there is so little documentation (given that the use of them was illegal in all sports except body-building, which isn’t a sport). That said, both Arnold and Sly appear to be doing fine.

The biggest deal-breaker for me is that they are rented gains. You don’t stay fitter when you come off, and in fact you go through a “come down” period where you have no sex drive, lose weight, etc.

The only logical reason to use them is during training for a sport, when you have increased performance as you are perfecting technique, or, if you can get away with some form of masking or are involved in a competition that doesn’t test, using them during a competition.

The idea of temporarily walking around totally swol for a couple months, then losing all the weight and feeling down for a couple of months, then repeating the process, doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Of course, many users claim that this is a way to make permanent gains – that although you lose most of the gains on downtime, you keep a certain percentage of them, and these build up from cycle to cycle. That is I’m sure true, but I am not sure that it is better than simply keeping a steady routine, all year around (perhaps with a traditional bulking/cutting cycle).

Also, for me personally, Brad Pitt as Tyler Durdun is the ideal body form, and this is 100% doable for anyone in the 24-37 age range without the use of any drugs (Pitt was 35 when Fight Club was filmed, and I believe he was natural, unlike 45-year-old Hugh Jackman in the latest Wolverine).

This can be accomplished easily, simply a very good, solid diet and reasonable 4 day a week gym routine. All it takes is discipline.

Note the similarity to the Michaelangelo’s David.

You don’t see any ancient Greek statues of people looking like The Rock.

And no, that isn’t simply because they didn’t have injectable steroids at the time – they created all types of statues of things that didn’t exist – it’s because they didn’t view it as the ideal of beauty.

Of course, to all of the Rock-sized readers out there, I’m not saying you don’t look good and I’m definitely not saying women don’t like it – I’m just pointing out that for most normal people, the Tyler Durdun/David physique is the one to shoot for, and this is something that is easily done without drugs and without a huge amount of work (just commitment).


However, as I say, over the next decade or so, I am going to seriously consider TRT, which is a totally separate concept than cycling.

So for older readers, I will say that this is definitely not “degenerate,” and you should absolutely talk to your doctor about it and have your testosterone levels checked.

I personally need nicotine to keep my brain working while writing, and so I vape instead of smoking cigarettes, in order to avoid the harmful side-effects. There are so, so, so many negatives of modern post-industrial life, that we have a duty to ourselves to take advantage of the benefits offered.

Bottom Line

Yesterday’s article on WHITE SHARIA where I mentioned steroid use was mainly just aimed at poking fun at male feminists, as well as pointing out the objective fact that they think the way they do due to an endocrine problem. It was not meant to be an encouragement to steroid use for any of our regular readers who totally understand what I am saying about women.

BUT – I do think that if someone just really is getting a feeling over this Aryan Princess stuff, doing a cycle of roids would clear their head, and give them a bit of perspective. Because as I say, I am wholly convinced that no man with normal testosterone levels is going to believe in this feminist garbage, after he has read a simple explanation of it, as I gave yesterday.

Note: A normal, masculine man could conceivably believe it if the following two things were true:

  1. He had never had it explained to him, and
  2. He had never had any significant interactions with women

However, if neither of those things is true, then he has a psychological problem that most likely stems from an endocrine disorder.

That, or he’s pushing it as part of an agenda to destroy the white race.

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