Trump Tells Congress He’s Going to Renegotiate NAFTA

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2017

Canada doesn’t really even matter and it is stupid to even bring it up in discussions or in CNN graphics. Yes, there is a trade deficit with them, but that is simply because they have a population 1/10th the size of ours and huge amounts of natural resources. They aren’t stealing our jobs – their minimum wage is higher than ours. The only thing about Canada that matters is importing pharmaceuticals, which is illegal. Canada should just be annexed anyway.

Since the firing of Comey and the meeting with Lavrov, I’ve been a lot more positive about Trump.

Much of my positive feelings have come from the way the media and the superteam of government figures have begun anew their Russian conspiracy talk, which went totally silent for 5 weeks after Trump bombed Assad then backtracked on virtually all policies. During that period, he was actually being praised by the Jew media.

Now, it’s full-on war mode again.

And that’s a very good sign.

That said, “renegotiating NAFTA” can mean absolutely anything. Personally, I think NAFTA should simply be scrapped, but this could cause a sharp rise in the cost of consumer goods, which the American people are not quite ready for – we have to fix the economy and get people real jobs before we just put massive tariffs on everything coming from China and Mexico.

Of course, scrapping NAFTA and then negotiating new treaties is the best route. But given recent events, I’m willing to hear Trump out on his “renegotiation” idea.

This is known as “getting ripped off.”

Trump’s initial strategy of threatening individual companies who leave the US is a better strategy right now than simply ending trade with Mexico. If individual companies are threatened, and we get more high-paying jobs in America, then we can slowly taper-off imports as consumer goods prices go up due to their being made by higher-paid workers in this country.


Making good on a campaign promise, the Trump administration formally told Congress Thursday that it intends to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

U.S. Trade Rep. Robert Lighthizer sent a letter to congressional leaders Thursday, starting 90 days of consultations with lawmakers over how to revamp the pact. Talks with Canada and Mexico can begin after that.

The two-page letter offered few details about what changes the administration would seek in the 23-year-old pact that President Donald Trump has called “a disaster.” Lighthizer told reporters that any new deal should do a better job of protecting U.S. factory workers and should be updated to reflect new technologies.

New technologies are a big, big deal.

Basically, automation would have already happened on a much greater scale if it hadn’t been for free trade pacts with the third world. Machines are cheaper than American workers, but third world workers are cheaper than machines, so the development of automation slowed.

What we absolutely do not want is a situation where Mexican robots are building everything and shipping it to us. If things are going to be built by robots, there is absolutely zero reason they shouldn’t be built in the US.

Also – we need an entirely new tax system on companies that are using robots. We need to deal with the fact that when labor is free, no current economic model is going to make any sort of sense.

This is why the Alt-Right embraces “futurism” as the only valid economic framework.

Last month, White House aides spread word that Trump was ready to pull out of NAFTA. Within hours, the president reversed course and said that he’d seek a better deal first.

“We are going to give renegotiation a good strong shot,” Lighthizer said. He refused to say whether leaving NAFTA remained an option.

The trade agreement has dramatically increased trade among the three countries. American farmers have mostly benefited from the reduction in trade barriers. But the pact encouraged American manufacturers to relocate some operations to Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor there; so critics blame NAFTA for wiping out U.S. factory jobs.


But really, if you’re not talking about robots, you’re not talking about anything.

We need to start talking about robots.

We need this word – “futurism” – to enter the discussion.

People running around talking about “capitalism vs socialism” have no idea what’s even going on.

If labor is free and it is owned by private corporations, we have a very serious problem.

Robots also fit into every other debate.

Merkel’s idiot gibberish about gang-raping attack-truck drivers paying pensions due to a low white birthrate, for instance.

Although programs to raise the white birthrate should be employed in Germany either way (they have never even attempted this, at all, even though it is very straightforward how you do it) for social reasons, in economic terms, the birthrate doesn’t matter.

Even if the illiterate 80 IQ Islamic welfare scam artists were to get jobs in the high-tech sector, it wouldn’t change the fact that robots are going to be the ones paying people’s pensions.

Bringing in a bunch of low-IQ brown people simply means you’re going to have a bunch of people sitting around on welfare.

Even in America, where the brown immigrants actually do tend to work (emphasis on “tend to”), they are working the jobs which will be first replaced by robots.

Right now, a high-end robot lawnmower is $2,000ish.

But it won’t be 5 years before ones that function a lot better than this one are in the $800 range.

WHOOPS – there goes 20% of Mexican jobs.

Fully-automatic fast-food restaurants are also going to be taking over in the 5 year range.

That means taking orders and accepting payment, cooking, wrapping and delivering food. There will be a robot to clean the floors, and the bathrooms will be self-cleaning. You will need at most two people in the store just to make sure nothing goes wrong, which will eventually be reduced to one.

Right now, the average fast food outlet employees 15 people.

WHOOPS- there goes another 30% of Mexican jobs.

As if you needed a chart, here’s a Pew chart:

According to Pew, over 30% of illegals work in the service sector, which are all jobs that are going to be wiped-out by robots soon. The next most popular jobs for border jumpers – construction, production, transportation and farming are all seeing and going to see serious hits by automation.

We have known this since the sixties.

And yet we went ahead and filled up our country with brown people, because:

This is stupid.

Everything that has happened in this country since the Jews took over has been simply stupid.

As the Jew who designed Obamacare said: “call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.”

But it is in fact the system of “democracy” that is at fault, allowing stressed-out low-information and potentially low-IQ people – and even women and colored people – to vote that is to blame.

We need a dictatorial one-party system which uses a computer algorithm to enforce meritocracy.

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