Tucker VICIOUSLY VIOLATES Socislut Who Wants 80% Taxes

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April 19, 2017

We have to give your money to the helpless victimized nigger murder and rape mobs, whitey.

If you didn’t want to give them all of your money for all of eternity, you shouldn’t have done slavery against them.

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  1. joe1 says:

    if she wants to pay 80% taxes why doesnt she do it?

    its just like that phony warren burfett. he said he didnt pay enough taxes and that it wasnt fair and then the previous administration hit him with a $9 billion tax bill and he went crying to his jew lawyers

  2. White women usually get 80% of our money to live under our roofs and raise our children.
    Now they want the 80% without doing their part

  3. TBH I am with her on this one. Nobody needs millionaires let alone billionaires.
    HOWEVER, this being said, I am envisioning a all white nationstate, a, national socialist state.
    Even in the USA today, implementing a taxation systeme she asks for would hurt... who exactly? The 1%... of which are.... how many percent Jewish? ANd those that are whites... how many of those whites actually, do something with their millions and billions to further whites? Almost none. If there were, we'd not have funding issues on the right.

  4. I'm for a 100% tax on anything over a absurd amount per year. A salary cap set at an astronomical amount. It could apply to artists, entertainers, politicians, athletes... anyone who doesn't actually produce or further society.

    Let's say $1 million a year. If you can't live comfortably on $1 million a year, then fuck you. Leave and we'll confiscate all of it you rootless Jew.

    Obviously this couldn't be implemented today. But it would certainly work in an all white nation.

  5. First of all 90% or more of the government is completely unnecessary.
    What government is necessary could easily be funded without an income tax.
    Mankind flourished, built pyramids, the parthenon, brought about the renaissance,
    all without income taxes and ungodly amounts of bureaucracies.
    I remember the first time I went to Washington D.C. I was walking on the mall
    and saw a gigantic building, it must have contained thousands of offices.
    I asked another tourist what it was and he told me it was the Dept. of Agriculture.
    Does anyone actually know what the fuck all those lazy government workers do in there?
    I can tell you one thing. I'll bet not a single person who works there every planted a potato,
    or picked an ear of corn.

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