US and NATO Staging Drills on the Border of Russia Again

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2017

There is no one anywhere who actually believes that Russia is going to just up and invade the Baltics.

Unless of course she is provoked.

So these drills can only be one of two things:

  1. Threatening saber-rattling, or
  2. Actual preparations for a war that the West is planning to provoke.

Obviously, if it was the second one, it would also be the first, as this is part of the provocation.

It’s just… everything is so insane.

What the US is doing is the equivalent of Russians flying troops and heavy equipment to be Mexican border, staging wargames with the Chinese and local Mexicans – and then claiming that the US is provoking them.


British, Polish, American and Lithuanian troops took part in military exercises in the Suwalki Gap on the border between Poland and Lithuania, “protecting” NATO’s soft spot from the “Russian threat” for the very first time.

Some 1,500 NATO troops participated in the war games in the Suwalki Gap over the weekend, alongside US helicopters and British aircraft, training to protect the area from alleged “aggression.”

The Gap is a small 104km patch of land on the border with Poland, Lithuania and Belarus, as well as the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

“The Gap is vulnerable because of the geography. It’s not inevitable that there’s going to be an attack, of course, but… if that was closed, then you have three allies that are north that are potentially isolated from the rest of the alliance,” US Lieutenant General Ben Hodges told Reuters.


“It’s not inevitable that there’s going to be an attack!”

As if to say, “but it’s highly probable that the Russians will just invade for no reason sometime soon.”

This is a US army general implying to Reuters that he thinks Russia is going to attack NATO soon.

These are the times we live in.

“We have to practice, we have to demonstrate that we can support allies in keeping [the Gap] open, in maintaining that connection.”

While 1,500 troops would struggle to meet the requirements to cover the Gap in the event of any real conflict, the drills are essential for the Baltic States to feel the support of the alliance, the head of Lithuania’s land forces, Brigadier General Valdemaras Rupsys, believes.

“This is only a small-scale drill compared to what would be needed in case of a real attack, but it is important for us because it shows that allies share our worries,” Reuters quoted Rupsys as saying.

This is what Lithuanians actually believe.

The leader of the US battle group in Orzysz, Lieutenant Colonel Steven Gventer, seemed to be more optimistic and said the drills presented a “credible defense force that hopefully will deter aggression.”

“But if not, we’ll be prepared to move to defend the borders of NATO,” he added.

The war games in Suwalki Gap came amid the ongoing 10-day Iron Wolf exercise held in Lithuania. The two drills are a part of a broader NATO exercise known as Saber Strike, taking place in the Baltic states and Poland, aimed at deterring the alleged “Russian threat.”

Russia has repeatedly denied the existence of any plans to attack the Baltic States, and denounced NATO’s military buildup along its borders as a threat to national security.

Yeah, I’d say a military build-up on your border is a threat to national security.

I know that to many of you this just sounds like more of the same, and to some extent that is true, but this is escalating.

To have a US general implying to the media that Russia could invade NATO at any moment is really, really insane.

Because what that actually implies is that they could provoke Russia into a war at any time.

Although, I’m not trying to be overly alarmist. It isn’t going to happen tomorrow. These are very minor drills, simply meant to prod Russia.

However, if Trump gets impeached, I have no doubt they’re planning on going full speed ahead with this all out WWIII agenda.

Hopefully, Pence can at least load the helicopters up with faggots to throw out on the way towards attacking Russia.

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