Venezuela “Protests” are Like the Apocalypse

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 20, 2017

Why do we keep referring to riots and attempts to violently overthrow the government as “protests”?

If we’re going to use the word “protest” to refer to attempts to overthrow the government, shouldn’t we have a new word for what we used to refer to as “protests”?

The problem here is not communism, people.

Because real communism has never been tried.

Fox News:

Venezuela is bracing for a second round of mass anti-government protests on Thursday, a day after huge rallies across the South American nation led to clashes in which three were killed, dozens injured and hundreds arrested.

On Wednesday, public prosecutors reported the death of a 17-year-old boy in the capital Caracas and of a 23-year-old woman in eastern Tachira state, while the head of the country’s moral council, Tarek Saab, announced the death of a national guardsman.

“Same place, same time,” was the rallying call from Miranda state governor and opposition figurehead Henrique Capriles late on Wednesday evening, calling for millions of Venezuelans to mobilize again a day after what has been widely dubbed as “the mother of all marches.”

Anti-government protesters and politicians have accused President Nicolas Maduro of sliding towards dictatorship, while officials in the socialist government have claimed demonstrators were attempting a violent coup d’état.

The political crisis in Venezuela was exacerbated after the Supreme Court assumed the executive powers of the opposition in earlier this month.

Venezuelan authorities seize General Motors factory amid deepening turmoil.

A government U-turn on the move failed to quell the violent opposition protests that swiftly followed.

The number of people killed in the political unrest has now risen to eight, including the national guardsman, and thousands of arrests have been made in the space of three weeks.

I haven’t been following this especially closely, but just from reading the basic news on it, as well as having an understanding of the way these sorts of protest movements work, Maduro is pretty well definitely doomed.

That is, unless he does a General Sisi and just starts mowing down protesters. But you can only really get away with doing that when you’re a friend of the US. Which Maduro is not.

Funny thing.

He’s Jewish.

Technically a crypto-Jew Catholic, but he admitted to being a racial back in 2013.

Did you guys know that?

I tend to have some respect for Hugo Chavez, since despite his retarded communist nonsense, he was an authoritarian populist. I have no idea why he insisted mixing that with communism, or why he insisted on letting a Jew takeover when he died. I assume it’s an IQ thing.

Another funny thing, which I’m sure will come as a great surprise.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles is also Jewish.

His name is actually “Henrique Capriles Radonski,” but he drops the Polish Jew last name so everyone isn’t all like “wait, wtf?”

He also claims Catholicism, but has been less cagey about his racial nature than Maduro.

He’s actually a genuine descendant of “survivors” of the alleged Holocaust.


Henrique Capriles was born in Caracas on 11 July 1972. His parents are Mónica Cristina Radonski-Bochenek and Henrique Capriles García. His maternal grandparents were Ashkenazi Jews who immigrated from Russia and Poland following World War II. His great-grand parents were murdered by the Germans in the Treblinka extermination camp during World War II. His maternal grandmother, Lili Bochenek, lived for 20 months in the Warsaw Ghetto. Capriles’s paternal grandfather, Armando Capriles-Myerston, was a Sephardi Jew.

Sometimes it feels like the whole world is totally controlled by Jews, and the rest of us are all just pawns in their global domination game.

Does that just seem like a kooky conspiracy theory though?

I mean, regardless of all the facts, it would be hatred to say it, right?

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