War Criminal Tony Blair Wants to Cockblock Brexit

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
July 17, 2017

Tony Blair is a war criminal and an anti-democracy activist. Here he is with fellow war criminal George W. Bush.

The war criminal Tony Blair has written an article trying to cockblock Brexit!


There’s a chance Britain won’t leave the European Union, former Prime Minister Tony Blair said Saturday, arguing that stopping Brexit is “necessary” to avoid severe economic damage.

In an article published by Blair’s Institute for Global Change, he wrote that EU leaders might be willing to “reform and meet us half way” to keep the U.K. in the bloc. He said that might include compromise on freedom of movement – a key EU principle that conflicts with Britain’s goal of placing limits on immigration.

Blair said conditions in Britain and Europe had changed since the U.K.s EU membership referendum in June 2016. Europe has some new leaders, including France’s centrist President Emmanuel Macron. And in Britain, the Conservative government suffered a setback in last month’s election.

What about democracy Tony? Do you not care about democracy?

I mean, spreading democracy was one of the main reasons why you invaded Iraq.

Remember this, Tony? When you brought the right to vote… or whatever… to Iraq?

Why are you not in favor of democracy now? The people voted for Brexit.

Apparently you are only in favor of democracy when it involves bombing brown people for Jewish Israel. Fair enough!

But here’s what’s crazy about his argument. The British people were told repeatedly that there was going to be a major economic calamity if they voted in favor of Brexit. No such calamity occurred yet he is using the exact same argument to justify stopping Brexit. It’s totally absurd.

Can you Brits just arrest this evil bastard and lock him in a cage somewhere? The Chilcot report proved that he committed war crimes. He misled your country into a war there was no reason to fight. He should not be pontificating on politics.

If you can’t do that, maybe you can convince him to take up a hobby.

He could follow George W. Bush as an example and take up oil painting or something. Bush might be a war criminal asshole, but at least we aren’t hearing him talk about politics.

Tony could potentially become an even better portrait painter than George W. Bush… but I doubt it.

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