What is WHITE SHARIA and What Choices Do I Have in Accepting It or Not?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2017

WHITE SHARIA is coming in and it is coming in fast like a SONIC BOOM.

Many are asking “what is WHITE SHARIA” and what choices do I have in accepting it or not?”

Well, friend.

Good question.

Firstly, WHITE SHARIA is a white form of hostile religiously driven law to be imposed on all who oppose it.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, WHITE SHARIA has nothing at all to do with Islamic Sharia AKA Sandnigger Sharia, except that it is a flavor of Sharia so contains the word “sharia” in its name.

Similar to the connection between chocolate and vanilla ice cream – both are ice creams, but they taste differently and are different colors.

Basically, your only choice in this matter is whether you will choose WHITE SHARIA or Islamic Sharia.

Because the Jews are obsessed with destroying the white race, they have weakened us internally to the point of collapse while emboldening and propping up the Islamic hordes. The Islamic hordes have become the strong horse that will come in and take everything from us (including our women and all of our money and products) as our race collapses.

As such, the only solution is WHITE SHARIA.

This meme may help you to grasp these important concepts.

You can also watch this informative advertisement for WHITE SHARIA, presented by our friends at The War Room.

Now you know. And knowing is half of the battle.

What is your choice then?

What system do you choose?

Islamic Sharia
Feminist Nazism AKA Princess Protectionism (ends in Islamic Sharia)
Democracy (ends in Islamic Sharia)
Communism (ends in Islamic Sharia)
Not sure (ends in Islamic Sharia)

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Notable Replies

  1. Welp, the whole "white sharia" term will fit nicely into the "right wing will ally itself with Islamic fundamentalism" narrative that the army war college has been war gaming for 10 years.

    DS needs to watch this bullshit. Linking us to anything that the tan Jews of Islam employ is an extremely poor propaganda calculation on its part. The initial ironic postmodern shock value of such an association is not useful to us at all.

    Come up with a new term or you'll lose you're base.

  2. I choose Crusading. Global Catholic Supremacy!

  3. When islam invaded southeastern europe, they converted by the sword the people in the Balkans, i.e. present day Albania, Bosnia, and it's why they are still moslem there to this day. The northern europeans, i.e. Germanics, Scandanavians etc. were converted to the very foreign creed of christianity...by the sword.

    We should do the same. None of this, "everyone has the right to choose what to believe" bullshit. That's what got us in such a mess since the Roman civilization fell to jew worms.

    We impose White Sharia and the reading of Mein Kampf, George Lincoln Rockwell, Ben Klassen and others, and force the observing of our holy days of April 20, Winter Solstice or "Yuletide", Vernal Equinox, etc. We make it a crime to worship universalism by any name (such as christianity). In that, we do what Hitler feared to do. Might makes right and in this case, we will be forcibly converting our people to something good and healthy for them...for a change.

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