When Reality Comes to Visit You: Blacks Bully One Antifa, Kill Another

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

Fetishizing and infantilizing colored people as eternal damsels in distress in need of a smelly-but-fashion-conscious white trust fund savior isn’t only batshit fucking insane (and condescending on a level that is virtually incomprehensible, if one were in the mood to consider the colored person’s persepctive) – it’s dangerous.

Video has surfaced of a Trans-Pony loud mouth who failed to instigate large-scale violence at the Richard Spencer event in Auburn being bullied, threatened and mocked by a group of blacks.

Blacks hate SJW/Hipster white people like these far more than they hate Fascists and Nazis. Generally speaking, a white man who looks and acts like a white man will garner ruspekk for his swag, maybe even inspire primal animal fear from negroes (though never let your guard down obviously), while a fairy with pink hair and nerd glasses in a tank top whining about “racism” will draw their rage and beatings.

Were it not for all the police around, this faggot would’ve been stomped out and robbed.

White leftists are in a bit of a Cuck 22. If the Jews win and whites become a tiny minority, they’re going to be the first ones to get gang raped to death with a flaming tire around their necks. If we take power, well, they might not fair much better.

In a similar story, this week it was revealed that one of the victims of the Fresno shooter, Zack Randalls – who was specifically targeted for being white – was an Antifa himself!

Check out his Facebook cover page:

Well, none of these clowns would ever assert that the blacks victimizing them are “racist,” because “racism = power+privilege.”

But let’s see Rothbergstein’s “A Study of White Privilege” socially deconstruct bullets from a black man’s gun flying in your direction, humble honky.

Notable Replies

  1. Well, wouldn't you bully an annoying faggot.

    That nigger can't even speak english and I know he's smarter than the manchild screaming about fascists.

  2. I couldn't listen to that nigger continue to ook. But yes, although muds do not "respect" the way that whites respect people, they DO fear. And they HATE faggots. Without projecting too much intelligence onto muds, they ARE possessed of a certain animal cunning. You don't have to be Sun Tzu to see that victimizing some kiss ass antifa cuck is going to be FAR easier than harassing a Nazi.

  3. Sisu says:

    I have extensive experience with niggers ever since the early days of bussing back in the early 70s being force to go to an all nigger school in Columbus, Mississippi. Niggers hate weakling faggots and will automatically pounce on you if they sense that you are not willing to fight and trying to talk intellectually to them is going to send you to the pavement every time. Niggers absolutely hate it when a white man talks about them being "victims" like this cuck did and I'm surprised he didn't get his face smashed in.

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