Why You Don’t Want Kikes in Your Right Wing Movement

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2017

The Jews opened-up a whole can of worms when they got the right-wing to go along with anti-racist dogma.

The list of reason you don’t want kikes in your right wing is very, very long.

Earlier today I wrote about how Ezra Levant took a perfectly good opportunity to protest Shakespeare in the Park Trump assassination agitation by using a shrieking Jew female and instructing Jack Posobiec to talk about Nazism.

I’ve got another example here.

Little Benny Shapiro, formerly of Breitbart, has made a name for himself in the mainstream cuckservative movement and even to an extent in circles slightly right of the mainstream by arguing with SJWs on campus, including about racial issues.

But then, here’s this:

He is taking the Jewish assumption that “race doesn’t exist” and applying it to the right wing.

Of course, no “racist” believes that skin color is especially important. The issue of race is not an issue of aesthetics, but an issue of behavior patterns associated with genetic groups.

Ideology is an aspect of one’s psychology, as so ideology is largely determined by race.

If you do not accept that races are fundamentally, biologically different, than all right-wing arguments ultimately become meaningless.

The acceptance by the right of the “race does not exist” theory is what has led to the rise of the left.

Just as an example here: if you accept that “race is a social construct,” then you then are also forced to accept that the reason the third world is the third world is that white people abused them. Obviously, you can come up with some sort of convoluted counter-explanation, but ultimately, if everyone accepts race does not exist, the argument that non-white under-achievement is white people’s fault is ultimately going to win out.

If you follow this line of thought, you end up with utterly absurd situations, such as Rand Paul claiming that the collapse of Detroit was due to high taxes.

It was the Jews who convinced the old conservative movement to go along with the “race doesn’t exist” assumption of the left. This began with GOP Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, in the 60s, claiming that segregation was about state’s rights. If he and other kikes and shills hadn’t pushed that so hard in the early to mid-sixties, there’s a good chance George Wallace could have ran as a Republican and won in the 70s.

And if Wallace would have won, let me tell you what – we would be living in a whole different world right now.

Because “state’s rights” is not a valid response to what the other side is arguing is a moral evil.

Now we’re at the point where the conservatives argue that “Democrats are the real racists,” and when we talk about immigration, we can’t talk about the browning, we have to talk about “oh well it’s against the law!” or make some sort of economic argument, when the fact is, we want to keep our society the way it was – white.

Now that a larger portion of the right is moving further right – particularly young people – we have these Jews like Shapiro and Levant coming in and telling us “oh yes, we agree there are problems with the mainstream GOP – but none of it has anything to do with race.”

This is intended to again cripple us, make us incapable of formulating real moving arguments to the left’s argument that we represent a moral evil.

Of course, Shapiro and Levant both support a racial pure state for Israel.

And that is worth pointing out.

Race as the Primary Issue

I am a traditionalist, and as such, race is one of a multitude of issues that I care about.

It is the primary issue that I talk about only because this is where the battle lines have been drawn – by the left. And it is also the most pressing issue, as if we lose the race battle, we’ve lost everything.

However, it may be of interest to the reader that all things being equal, I am just as concerned about issues surrounding the traditional family as I am with the issue of race. I am also highly concerned about freedom-related issues, particularly those contained in the Bill of Rights. However, right now, I am a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist” because race is the most pressing of all issues AND it is where the left has decided to draw the battle lines.

This all started with the Jewish Frankfurt School agenda, which is epitomized by Theo Adorno’s “The Authoritarian Personality.”

On the right, we should be thankful that this is where the left has drawn the battle lines, as it is so easy to disprove their arguments using the science of biology, and the infinite load of empirical data surrounding the issue. However, the Jew strategy is to skirt the issue of race and instead blabber on about much less concrete and scientific concepts relating to “ideology.”

At this point, we are closing in on “Democrats are the real homophobes” being a thing – even while, for the record, the homosexual issue is also one we could have fought with empirical data. Instead of using empirical data, however, conservatives decided to use Bible verses in their fight against the homosexual agenda. This is like if you’ve got someone running at you with a chainsaw and you try to stop them by throwing water-balloons at them.

One thing we can say for certain: the Christian conservative movement has done absolutely nothing but lose since the 1960s. They have held some ground, such as on guns and free speech, but they have not once gained a single inch of ground.

The conservative movement failed us, their children. They allowed our society to succumb to the most vile forms of derangement and insanity. And the reason this happened was that they let Jews become involved in their movements.

We need to do better than that this time around. We need a point-blank no Jews policy.

And that goes for people who work for Jews – the entire staff of The Rebel Media.

These people are not our friends. They are here to hurt us. They are here to make sure we do not succeed in our agenda.

I am personally trying my best to go easier on the Alt-Lite, as I would like to believe that there is a possibility of some kind of coalition, but as they continue to crowd around this burgeoning media empire of the Jew Levant, I become more and more pessimistic about the possibility of any such coalition.

We need to look at what happened to the old Christian conservative movement, and not let it happen to us. Because whatever you think of Christianity itself, in the 1940s, they shared all of our same positions. I mean, I have talked to my grandma about her Christian father, who fought in WWI and was, like Hitler, a mustard gas survivor with shaky hands, and his hatred for “niggers,” “kikes” and “faggots” (her words, quoting him). And that certainly is not where the Christian conservative movement ended up.

The Rebel Media crowd is attempting to redirect us back along that same path by co-opting our memes and some of our rhetorical style. It is a Jewish psychological warfare operation, plain and simple. And unlike with Shapiro, who is just one annoying Jew who can easily be called out as such, Levant is building a network of shabbos goyim to serve his agenda.

This is a threat that needs to be very taken seriously.

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