Women and Moslems: The Unholy Alliance

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2017

This video shows the insane and evil alliance between white women and the Islamic conquerors flooding our countries.

Look, it doesn’t matter if these sluts are craving brown dick, whether they have misplaced maternal instincts for an army of aggressive 20-something males, or if they’re just fucking stupid.

It doesn’t matter if it is some combination of all three of those things.

What matters is that white women are serving as footsoliders for the filthy kikes trying to genocide our race – and they are doing this willingly. Enthusiastically.

Obviously, they have political power now and the state gave them that power and we can’t take it away. However, we can start shaming these whores. We can stop cooperating with them entirely.

All of their power, their entire charmed lives, are built on our backs. Women have contributed absolutely nothing to the development of this civilization, save for birth and nurture the men who built it.

They have no claim on this civilization, and they have no right to piss it down the drain because of misplaced emotions, bizarre sexual drives or stupidity.

We need to seize control, and as women are social creatures, we can do that on a social level.

Stop treating them as if they were our equals.

Because look, brothers: if they were our equals, they wouldn’t be doing this to our race and civilization.

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